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The Great 20 Beautiful Scenary from North Sumatra

The province of North Sumatra stretches across the island of Sumatra between the Indian Ocean and the Strait Malacca. It borders Aceh province on the northwest and Riau and West Sumatra provinces in the southeast. It has an area of 72,981  km². The province contains a broad, low plain along the Strait of Malacca on which the provincial capital, Medan, is located. In the south and west, the land rises to the mountain range that runs the length of Sumatra; the mountains here are dominated by Lake Toba, formed from the caldera of an ancient volcano. Several large islands in the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Sumatra are currently part of North Sumatra, most notably Nias Island and the Batu Islands.North Sumatra has many beautiful natural scenery, some of which are as follows :

1. Danau Toba (Toba Lake)
Lake Toba is a tekto-volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide, located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. This lake is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In the middle of this lake there is a volcanic island called Pulau Samosir.
Broad waters of Lake Toba is 1,130 km2 with a maximum depth of 529 meters. Flooded area by the lake Toba consists of 7 districts: Samosir, Toba Samosir, Simalungun, Tapanuli Utara, Humbang Hasundutan, Dairi and Karo. The position of Lake Toba is located in the northeast and extends to the south of the city of Medan. The nearest distance lake to the city of Medan is about 110 km.

2. Air Tejun Sipiso Piso (Sipiso Piso Waterfall)
Sipiso-piso is located not far from residential communities Tongging Village, Sub Brand, Karo District, of North Sumatra province. This waterfall has a height of 120 meters or about 360 feet before flowing into Lake Toba. Sipiso-piso is located not far from residential communities Tongging Village, Sub Brand, Karo District, of North Sumatra province. This waterfall is located in the southeast city of Medan at the distance of 100 km.

3, Pulau Samosir (Samosir Island)
Samosir Island is a volcanic island in the middle of Lake Toba in North Sumatra province. An island in the island with an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level and has an area of 630 km2. On this island there are also two small lakes as a tourist area that Sidihoni Lake and Lake Aek Natonang who earned the nickname "lake on the lake".
Tuktuk are the centers of concentration of tourists on the island. From Parapat, Tuktuk can be connected to the ferry crossing. In addition to water transportation, Samosir Island can also be reached by road through Pangururan be a place where Samosir Island and Sumatra Island related.

4. PTPN IV Sidamanik (Sidamanik Tea Plantation)
PTPN Sidamanik also known as Bah Butong tea plantations. Bah Butong tea plantations located in the District Sidamanik, 26 km from Kota Pematangsiantar and is in the south of the city of Medan at a distance of 155 km from Headquarters in the city of Medan. Area of 2.684.84 Ha with a height = 890 masl. Clonal tea plant consists of Clonal Plants (Gambung Group).

5. Air Tejun Sigura Gura ( Sigura Gura Waterfall)
Sigura Gura is the highest waterfall in Indonesia sourced from Asahan river with a height of 250 m. In this place was built Lestrik Hydropower Plant. It lies to the south of the city of Medan with the distance of 239 km and included into the district of Toba Samosir.

6. Gunung Sibayak (Mt. Sibayak)
Mt. Sibayak (Indonesian:Gunung Sibayak) is a small stratovolcano overlooking the town of Berastagi in northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The mountain is often used as a place for mountaineers. Anyone can climb up to reach its peak. The mountain is often used as a place for mountaineers. Anyone can climb up to reach its peak. The mountain is Often used as a place for mountaineers. Anyone can climb up to reach its peak. The mountain is located in the south of Medan with the distance of 64 km.

7. Dolok Tinggi Raja (White Crater Tinggi Raja)
Dolok TInggi Raja is a nature reserve covering an area of 167 ha located in District Glare Kahen, Simalungun, North Sumatra province. In the area of the nature reserve mountain high king, there is attraction white crater, which is more commonly known as the white crater high king area of 30 hectares. [1] However, this makes the attraction crater high white king hard to grow, due to collide the status of this area located area of the Nature Reserve.

8. Pantai Sorake (Sorake Beach)
Sorake is a beach adjacent to the beach Lagundri. This beach is located in the district of Teluk Dalam, South Nias, North Sumatra. Sorake famous big waves so it is suitable for surfing. The beach is located on the island of Nias, an island which is opposite the west coast of mainland North Sumatra Province.

9. Danau Linting (Linting Lake)
Linting Lakes Region is located in the village of Sibunga-interest Hilir subdistrict Sinembah Tanjung Muda, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra. Linting lake is a volcanic lake with green water Tosca or bluish. At the edge of the lake is filled with trees. You have to be careful if you want to swim in the lake where the water contains sulfur Linting this. Because the depth of the lake is 100 meters. For visitor safety, on the edge of the lake has been given a fence. The lake is located south of Medan at the distance of about 54 km.

10. Air Terjun 2 Warna (Two Colors Waterfall)

Two Colors Waterfall had another name  Air Terjun Telaga Bitu Sibolangit is a stream of water falling from a height of 75 meters and is located 1475 meters above sea level (masl). Waterfall Two Colors Sibolangit quite unique because it consists of two waterfalls, the waterfall was blue and feels cold, the other one is white and the water is warm. Both waterfalls are separated by several small waterfalls and high cliffs are filled with moss. The place is located in the south of Medan with the distance of about 45 km 

11. Pantai Legundri (Legundri Beach)
Lagundri beach and Sorake beach are two beaches that are within the coastline. Distance to the beach it is only two kilometers. Lagundri beach and located in the village of Sorake Botohilitano, Teluk Dalam, South Nias, North Sumatra Province. Both beaches are already famous among domestic and foreign professional surfers. The lovers of surfing like this place because it folds wave height capable of achieving 7 to 10 meters with five levels. In addition, the length of the driving force of the waves in this area in fact can reach 200 meters. It would be interesting and challenging waves on arrival of the full moon. One made waves at this Lagundri is ideal for windsurfing because of its location facing the Indonesian Ocean and is also a meeting point for the bay so that the large waves will flow.
12. Pulau Mursala (Mursala Island)
Mursala is the largest island owned by Central Tapanuli. 8,000 hectares of the island is located approximately 22.5 km from Kota Sibolga and entered in the District Tapian Nauli, Central Tapanuli, North Sumatra Province. Mursala is surrounded by a beautiful stretch of sand. In addition, there is also a tourist attraction that is a mainstay in Mursala, namely Mursala Waterfall. Mursala Waterfall with a height of about 35 m waterfall is unique because the flow of the waterfall here straight into the sea. Because the location of this waterfall is in part Mursala dealing directly with the Indian Ocean waterfall flows directly into the sea.
13.  Danau Siombak (Siombak Lake)
Siombak Lake is an artificial lake with an area of approximately 40 hectares, diameter of about 1000 meters, and a depth of approximately 12 meters. The lake is located in the village of Paya Pasir, Marelan Medan, Medan, North Sumatra. Siombak lake situated between two rivers, namely Sungai Deli and River Falls. Lake water here greenish colored clear, because at the bottom of the lake overgrown with moss and algae type of plant, but the water is odorless. 
14. Pantai Natal (Natal Beach)
Natal beach, Natal subdistrict, Mandailing Natal (Madina). This beach is located on the west side of North Sumatra province and is located in the southern city of Medan with a mileage of 550 km. This beach can be said to be a virgin beach is very potential to be developed into a marine tourism area that is not less interesting to nautical tourism in other areas. 
15. Pantai Binasi (Binasi Beach)
Binasi beach located in District Sorkam West Central Tapanuli. The beach directly opposite the Indian Ocean is relatively gently sloping sand and have such long endless. The position of the beach is located in the west of North Sumatra Province. As far as the eye could see just looks white coastline until finally dropping behind trees. Until now BinasI Turkish tourist area just managed the local community. So that the existing facilities are still modest. This Beach from Pandan town has a distance of approximately 50 km or 40 km if from Sibolga to Barus direction.

16. Pulau Asu (Asu Island)
Asu Island is located in the District of Hinako Islands, Nias Barat, North Sumatra. Asu Island to the west of West Nias directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean and includes the outer islands of Nias Islands. The island of Asu approximately 18 square kilometers currently inhabited by 28 households.
17.  Pulau Siroktabe (Siroktabe Island)
iroktabe Island is one of the islands located in North Sumatra. The island is completely uninhabited, there is no facility such as a place to stay or a meal or food stalls on the island Siroktabe, but, it's where the appeal. This island will feel like being a private island with a quiet and comfort ambiance traveler will find when visited. Exotic beach with wonderful beach sand and Siroktabe Island became one of the islands have marine life that is still awake. The island is included on Nias Island neighborhood.
 18. Kawasan Tangkahan  (Tangkahan Area)
Tangkahan well-known as the hidden paradise of Gunung Leuser National Park, is an Eco Tourism area in the Langkat district of North Sumatra. The peaceful jungle retreat is located along the Kualsa Buluh River next to the dense rainforest, just 2.5 hours far from Bukit Lawang driving on a bumpy road through palm oil plantations and rural villages.
It is the perfect place to lay back from strong traveling and spend a memorable time with seven rehabilitated adult Sumatran elephants and a few small calves who work together with the rangers to patrol the rainforest
19.  Batu Gantung (Hanging Rock)
Hanging Rock is a natural form of rock carvings located in Parapat, North Sumatra. Geographically, Hanging Rock is located in the distance is not so far from the waters of Lake Toba. These rocks will make anyone stunned because its position is hanging from the rocks around the cliffs. This typical stone location is approximately 176 km from the city of Medan. 
20. Danau Lau Kawar (Lau Kawar Lake)
Lau Kawar Lake, is a lake that is located in the village of Kutagugung, District Naman Teran, under the foot of the volcano Sinabung, Karo District, North Sumatra Province. The lake has an area of 200 hectares has beautiful scenery around the lake in the form of green hills add fresh flavor and makes the water a greenish color 

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