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Reveals the beauty of Komodo National Park

One of the locations that became one of the 7 Wonders of the world is the island of Komodo, the island became part of the Komodo National Park

 Komodo Island is an island located in the Nusa Tenggara islands. The island is located in the middle - the middle between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. Precisely on the east side of the island of Sumbawa. Separated by Sape Strait. Komodo Island is a small island that occupies the main part of the Komodo National Park. Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), sub Komodo, Manggarai district west. This island is the westernmost boundary of the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) at the same time borders on the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB).


Komodo is large reptiles that can grow up to three meters long and weighing 150 kg. They are very strong with a stocky body, legs and a strong tail that is used for hunting and fighting. Komodo has a long and sharp claws are curved often used to dig soil. Komodo also has a greyish brown leather covered small scales and folds around the neck. Komodo has a head that is relatively small compared to the large body size and wide, powerful jaws that hides her mouth filled with deadly bacteria.

Although dragons have good eyesight, they do tend to rely on odor perceived through its long forked tongue. By removing the tongue out, dragons are able to feel the scent particles in the air to hunt for prey at a distance of up to 8 km. Komodo is known to have fifty types of toxic bacteria in saliva. Toxic saliva that will serve as the main weapon dragons to hunt their prey. The poisonous saliva produced by the venom glands present in the mouths of Komodo.

Komodo limited only found in a view islands in Indonesia which are all included in the Komodo National Park. Komodo National Park is not only on the island of Komodo, but also includes other islands such as Rinca, and Padar were included in the original habitat of the main island of dragons. In addition, there are many islands - other small islands are included in the Komodo National Park. 

The total area of ​​Komodo National Park covers an area of ​​2,321 km² land sea and air as well. From the name alone, you can describe what kind of travel on the island of Komodo. Of course, this is where the dragons animals live. Island is a habitat for native animals dragons. Thousands - thousands of dragons animals live and breed here.

Komodo National Park is also known for having amazing underwater beauty. Biota beautiful down there with decorated diverse coral reefs make fish - sweet fish is also not embarrassed to say hello. You can dive and enjoy the wealth of the sea on the island. Komodo National Park is the best dive sites in the world. 385 spresies coral reefs, sea grass trimmings, 70 kinds of sponges, as well as thousands of species of fish are waiting for you. Not only that, you also will meet with various species of sharks and rays, green turtles, six whale species, and 10 species of dolphins - dolphins are cute. It's natural heritage dramatic and awesome.
Approximately 67% of coverage of the Park are the territorial waters of the exotic. Has a depth of approximately 150 meters. 

The water temperature in this perairai ranges from 25-29 degrees Celsius with 34 ppt salinity. So much natural charm offered in the Komodo National Park. Besides being able to meet with the ancient animals dragons in their natural habitat, and enjoy the beautiful marine life, you will be amazed even further with panoramic views of the island. Because here there is a transition zone Wallacea Line.

Noted there are 254 species of flora that inhabit the Park. In addition, there are 128 species of birds are beautiful and melodious voice, as well as 58 diverse species of animals. Alloy nature and vegetation enhances the quality of the environment in the Park so diverse flora and fauna easy to adapt here.

Komodo National Park is one of 40 national parks in Indonesia. The park is protected as a world heritage site. Good natural resources, diverse flora, and fauna

Tips Visiting Komodo Island :
1.        Hire a "rangers" or handler experts to accompany your journey in the Park. In addition to secure, you will also get more detailed information.
2.        Wear shoes to protect them from snake booth, because there are many kinds of snakes usually live under the soil on grassland savanna. Covers types of snakes vipper, russel, cobra, and many others.
3.        Never - time to feed and disturb the peace of ancient animals dragons. geerakanya though looks calm and slow, but this animal can also act aggressively.
4.        Prepare a forked stick when exploring these destinations, because dragons notch when bullied using the stick.
5.        Given the condition of the forest and savanna in Komodo Island, bring mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito swarms of rogue disturbing.
6.        If you are female and are menstruating. Then report it to the "rangers" or handler, because the smell is very pungent dragons ancient animals the smell of blood, resulting in him more aggressive. By checking the safety of your more attention.
7.        You should never lit a cigarette, considering the terrain area of ​​grassland savanna.
8.        Siapkaan a lot of energy and strong legs to move. Because of the extent to which you are walking, will determine the experience you get.
9.        Provide personal needs with complete.
That review about tourist attractions Komodo Island National Park are included in the 7 Wonders of the World, may be useful.


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