Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Paradise Beach is called Ujung Genteng

Ujung Genteng Beach area is located in Ciracap District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java province, Indonesia. The beach, located on the southwestern peninsula of Java, has a coastline of 16 km and is directly bordered by the Indian Ocean. 
The name Ujung Genteng is actually a spelling change from the name of the tip of the scissors, there are two ends of the scissors in this West Java. The tip of the scissors on top is given the name Ujung Kulon (now including Banten Province and the bottom is given the name Ujung Genteng. 
The exoticism offered by this beach is not only great in displaying its sunrise or sunset but also the blue waves and its vast expanse of sand suitable to be used as a landscape photo for connoisseurs of photography and selfie enthusiasts. 
In a location not so far from the Ujung Genteng beach area, you can find a turtle breeding area that serves as a breeding ground and also protection of turtles from wild animal attacks. This tile roofing turtle breeding is located about 3 kilometers from Ujung Genteng beach. From the beach, you can walk along the beach to the breeding location. There is also a dock from the Netherlands which, if observed, is quite old and now only remains of debris. Its history is also less well known to the public.
Ujung Genteng Beach area is also known as a paradise for surfers, the waves on this beach are quite fierce at certain points, for example at Ombak 7 Beach which is still one coastline with Ujung Genteng Beach

Towards the east of the tip of the tile there is also the location of the fish auction, which is quite crowded in the morning between 5-9 am. Various types of fish caught by fishermen who have been sold all night at sea are traded there at prices that are certainly much cheaper and fresher. Ujung Genteng Beach also provides a variety of public facilities such as prayer rooms, toilets, large parking lots, surfboards for rent, mini markets and various restaurants that sell typical Sukabumi food and seafood as well as kiosks that sell souvenirs and lodging. The entrance ticket until the beginning of 2020 is Rp 10,000 per person.

Ujung Genteng Beach is 120 km from the city of Sukabumi. If visitors from Jakarta can use the route via Ciawi-Cicurug-Cibadak-Pelabuhan Ratu-Cikembar-Jampang-Surade-Ujung Genteng. If visitors from Bandung can use the route via Cianjur-Sukabumi-Jampang Tengah-Jampang Kulon-Surade-Ujung Genteng. This place has been recorded in Google Maps for easy searching.



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