Saturday, February 13, 2021

Ciarjuna Waterfall


Ciarjuna Waterfall, in Cikopo Village, Panawa Village, Pamulihan District, Garut Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia.. Ciarjuna Waterfall is one of the waterfalls in Garut Regency which is still rarely visited, maybe because of its quite difficult access and its distance from the city of Garut about 45 km. Ciarjuna Waterfall consists of several high waterfalls whose water comes out of the rocks on the cliff walls, as well as one main waterfall whose water discharge is quite large. This waterfall is 85 m high, but consists of two waterfall.
The area around the waterfall is quite comfortable to use for relaxing and taking pictures, but it is not good to do activities here for a long time because of the high potential for hazards, such as the risk of landslides and falling rocks. Therefore, if you plan to stay overnight or camp, you can be near the security post at the entrance to the PLTMH ((Micro-Hydro Power Plant). 
The area in front of the waterfall is also very inviting to relax or play water. The air in this area is very cool, even during the day, because it is quite closed. The high cliff walls block incoming sunlight, so the lighting is just right for photographing the waterfall. In addition, the waterfalls that radiate out of the rocks on the cliff walls also make Ciarjuna Waterfall very unique when photographed.
 There are no tourist support facilities around the waterfall, because this waterfall is located in the PLTMH (Micro-Hydro Power Plant) facility, not in the tourist area. The nearest shop and repair shop is in Cikopo Village, outside the PLTMH area. 
Small restaurants and gas stations were in the previous village, and it is better if you fill up your fuel before entering Pamulihan District. The area of ​​Panawa village itself is dominated by tea and coffee plantations, as well as deep, untouched valleys. To make it easier to find this location, it has been marked in Google Maps, just type Curug Ciarjuna then the map can appear.



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