Thursday, March 25, 2021

Puncak Guha Beach

 Puncak Guha Beach is located in Sinarjaya Village, Bungbulang District, Garut Regency, Indonesia. This beach in Garut is flanked by 2 estuaries, namely Muara Cikaso in the east and Muara Cipwisata in the west, as well as a barrier between Bungbulang and Caringin districts, which has Ranca Buaya Beach. From Guha Peak Beach to Rancabuaya Beach, the distance is approximately 3 km. This beach is a high cliff directly adjacent to the ocean. Puncak Guha Beach offers you a view of the sea and hills.As the name implies, on this beach there is a Bat Cave under it. We can see one of the entrances directly. In the afternoon, we can watch these animals go in and out of Goa through the entrance. Only, don't get too close, because the smell is quite pungent.  Activities that can be done here are on this beach we can also camp on the grass. Camping on this beach will feel a unique experience, because the sea breeze will blow hard all the time. Seeing the sunset and sunrise over the cliffs, looking at the thousands of galaxy clusters in the vast sky at night, is an experience that must be tried.Few tips, Bring a sturdy tent, because the wind is strong enough. Also bring mosquito repellent lotion to protect it from mosquito bites which are quite ferocious. To make search easier. Oh yes, the entrance ticket ranges from IDR 5,000-20,000, depending on whether the visitor's destination is just visiting or camping. This location is marked in Google Maps

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