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Beautiful Scenary from East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan Province comprising land area of 127,267.52 square kilometers and comprehensive ocean management 25 656 km². Administratively, this province has borders northern borders with North Kalimantan, the east with the majority (12 Mil) Makassar Strait and the Sulawesi Sea, south bordering the province of South Kalimantan, west bordering the province of Central Kalimantan and West Kalimantan Province and State of Sarawak East Malaysia and  the capital of East Kalimantan Province is Samarinda.

As with other regions, East Kalimantan Province also has many captivating natural beauty, are as follows

1.  Pulau Derawan (Derawan Island)
Derawan island is one of Derawan islands in the province of East Kalimantan in Indonesia. Derawan Islands consists of 31 islands and one island named Derawan island. They are located in the Sulawesi Sea, on the coastal shelf of East Kalimantan (2 ° 17'N - 118 ° 13'E). The islands are part of the Berau Regency. 
Derawan beach is very beautiful and there to do some activities such as diving and snorkeling. Viewed breeding Hawksbill and Green, jellyfish and other organisms including benign and beautiful coral reefs is the main thing that can be enjoyed.

2. Pulau Kakaban (Kakaban Island)
Kakaban island is part of the Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The island has an area of 774.2 hectares (1,913 acres) and is quite steep. Kakaban is one of the unique island located in Derawan Islands, District Derawan, Berau district, East Kalimantan Province. This island is a coral island that has a lagoon in the middle. Kakaban shape is very unique because it resembles the number nine with a lake in the middle, making the island look like he was hugging the lake. Hence the island is named Kakaban by local villagers. Kakaban taken from the Bajo meaningful embrace.  As well as the island around the islands of Derawan, Kakaban also have a clear sea and quiet, making it suitable for diving and snorkelling

3. Telaga Kakaban (Kakaban Lake)
Kakaban Lake is located on the island Kakaban. Water in the lake Kakaban is a blend of three different types of water is sea water, rain water and ground water. Uniquely, the lake is filled with jellyfish. In this world there are only two jellyfish lake and Kakaban Lake is one of them which is the lake's largest jellyfish in the world. Kakaban lake also has a type of jellyfish most with four species of jellyfish are different. Type jellyfish Aurelia aurita, among others, Tripedalia cystophora, Martigias Papua and Cassiopea ornata. But the type of jellyfish most interesting are the type of Cassiopea ornata because these types of jellyfish swimming upside down so that the other from the other. Although this Kakaban lake filled with thousands of jellyfish, the lake is still safe for diving because of jellyfish that are here do not have a sting 

4. Air Terjun Jantur Inar (Jantur Inar Waterfall)
Jantur Inar waterfall located in Kampung Temula, District Nyuatan, West Kutai, East Kalimantan Province. This waterfall has a height of about 50 meters. Due to the high and very swift water that falls from the cliffs in this area are often seen rainbows
5.  Danau Jempang (Jempang Lake) 
Jempang is a lake located in the province of East Kalimantan, Indonesia, precisely in West Kutai. This lake has an area of 15,000 hectares with a depth of 7-8 meters. Because of the breadth, end Jempang can not be seen from the other end. Panoramic beauty and wealth of flora and fauna in the lake Jempang making this lake as one of the attractions the pride of East Kalimantan. 
6. Telaga Labuan Cermin (Labuan Cermin Lake)
Labuan Cermin Lake is located in the village of Labuan Kelambu in Sub-Big Biduk-Biduk, East Kalimantan, which can be reached by land about 6 to 7 hours from the capital city of Berau district, Tanjung Redeb
The color of the water in the lake is graded from dark blue, light blue, white and green on the outside area of ​​the lake. As the name implies, crystal clear water was shiny like a mirror. Lakebed can we see clearly from above the water surface when the depth of the lake is more than 3 m. We can swim, dive or snorkel at this place. Labuan Mirror Lake is a lake mix between freshwater lakes and saltwater. The lake level will taste salty, while at the bottom of the lake water will feel fresh. When we dive a bit into, the boundary between saltwater and bargaining will be obvious. It also causes the biota in the lake is very diverse.If you want to dive or snorkel in the lake we can bring their own equipment because the region is not available rental dive gear or snorkel. For those who can not swim, available tire / buoy on the boat hired. 
7. Pulau Beras Basah (Beras Basah Island)
Beras Basah Island is a small island in the Makassar Strait. Administratively, the island is under government of Bontang, East Kalimantan. You will be satisfied during a visit Beras Basah Island. The beauty of its beaches deserves a mainstay of Bontang, with grain white sand to the crystal clear sea water always makes tourists linger dwell Beras Basah Island.
Not only beauty of the underwater scenery, Beras Basah Island also be a fitting place to enjoy the sunset. The redness that wrapped a bright blue sky and wind gusts made the beach watching the sunset moment so romantic. In addition to the stunning scenery, Beras Basah Island also identic with a lighthouse that stands firmly in it. Lighthouse built by PT. Badak become its own attraction for tourists.
8. Danau Aco (Aco Lake)
Aco Lake is a lake located in Kampung Linggang Melapeh, District Linggang Bigung, 20 kilometers from the city center Sendawar, West Kutai, East Kalimantan. The lake width reaches 4 ha and is one of the leading tourist attraction Kutai Barat
Aco lake situated on the hill. This lake has everything needed as a tourist, tropical rain forest conditions are still awake keaslianya circling this lake, tropical weather is very strong in the area of Kutai Barat cause the area around the lake provides a suitable habitat for flora and fauna. So if we are visiting here will find a wide range of species, both plants and animals typical of the tropics.
9.  Pulau Sangalaki (Sangalaki Island)
Sangalaki Island,is a beautiful island among several other tourist island located in Derawan Islands among others like Kakaban, Maratua, Derawan, Nabucco and others. Sangalaki Island, waters is usually one can see the schools of fish Manta that was snaking beautiful in the sea. One of the unique island is the nesting place for turtles tinggga so here established turtle conservation which is managed directly by BKSDA Berau.
The beauty of the flora and fauna underwater Sangalaki Island, also anesthetize the divers with the beauty and diversity, there are many dive point-known as Channel Entrance, Coral Gardens, Town, Sandy Ridge, Manta Run, Sherwood Forest, Manta Parade, Manta Avenue, Ridge, Light house, the Rockies and others who are ready to dive. It was said that coral reefs is also one of the best in Indonesia.
10. Pesut dan Sungai Mahakam 
(Irrawaddy and Mahakam River)
Mahakam is the biggest name of a river in East Kalimantan province which empties into the Makassar Strait. River with a length of about 920 km and a width of 300-800 meters across the district of Kutai Barat in the upstream, until the Kutai regency and Samarinda downstream. The Mahakam River is also a habitat for Irrawaddiy or type of fish dolphins that live in fresh water. This fish species threatened with extinction at the present time, it takes effort to protect and breed through the efforts of captivity

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