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Beautiful Scenary from North Kalimantan

North Kalimantan is a province of Indonesia, located in the northern part of the island of Borneo. The province directly borders with neighboring countries, namely the State of Sabah and Sarawak. The area of this province is 72.567.49 km² (28,018.46 sq mi) and the name of its capital is in Tanjung Selor. As with other areas in Indonesia, inippun province has many natural landscapes, which are as follows :

1. Pantai Tanah Kuning (Tanah Kuning Beach)
Tanah Kuning beach is located in the district of Tanah Kuning, North Kalimantan Province. Well, to get to this beach, you can pass overland / sea from the city center Tanjung Selor. The trip takes only about two hours,
Clean white sand stretches, with its natural charm so wonderful. Tanah Kuning Beach have clean water and blend with the color blue as the sky. A light breeze among the various trees that grow on the waterfront increased the panoramic beauty Yellow Land Beach.

2. Air Terjun Krayan/ Paremayo 
(Krayan/ Paremayo Waterfall)
Krayan Waterfall (Paremayo waterfall) is located in District Krayan, Nunukan. Around Air tejun story with about 25 meters high, there are black orchids (Coelogyne pandurata) which is a protected species from extinction. This natural orchid cultivation will be developed through a process to become the leading commodity in ecological tourism packages  

3. Pantai Amal (Amal Beach)
Amal Beach is a beach located in the village Amal, District Tarakan Timur, Kota Tarakan, North Kalimantan, Indonesia. Amal Beach is the site of the first landing of the Japanese army in Indonesia in 1942. This beach can be reached by vehicles, both two-wheel and four wheels with the distance of approximately 11 km from the city center in less than 20 minutes. This beach is better known as a culinary coast

4. Taman Nasional Kayan Mentarang 
(Kayan Mentarang National Park)
Kayan Mentarang National Park is the largest conservation area in Kalimantan, and among the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. Its covering 1.36 million Hectare. The park straddles the far interior of East Kalimantan, bordering Sarawak (Malaysia) to the west and Sabah (Malaysia) to the north. Over 60 percen of the park area lies within the District of Malinau while the rest is part of the Distirct of Nunukan, East Kalimantan Province. This area has been inhabitated by approximately 27,000 Dayak people who belong to 11 customary land areas.These indigenous groups have highly depended on the forests of Kayan Mentarang and its natural resources for hundreds of years.
Various vegetations can be found - lowland forests, highland forests, savanna - in a complex habitat. At least 150 mammals are found in this area, along with more than 300 bird species and various reptiles, amphibians and insects. The upper-course of the rivers in East Kalimantan, Indonesia and Sarawak and Sabah in Malaysia are located in the area of Kayan Mentarang National Park. Thus, KMNP plays a significant ecological role for both countries. That condition determines KMNP as the Heart of Borneo.

5. Pantai Batu Lamampu (Batu Lamampu Beach)
Batu Lamampu beach is a beach located in District Sebatik, Nunukan, Kalimantan Utara. The term the Batu Lamampu  comes from Tidung language which means stone incurred and are arranged in the direction of the sea. According to local people, it always appeared above the surface and never sets despite high tides. To be able to Batu Lamampu beach , the visitors have to cross the ocean prior to the District Mantikas Sebatik Barat Pier. Visitors can use public or private boat. Then, using the car to the beach of Batu Lamampu in District Sebatik.

6. Air Terjun Panas Semolon (Semolon Hot Springs Waterfall)
Semolon hot springs waterfall is the largest and most unique because the flow of the river is rocky shaped like a ladder, terraced. Semolon Waterfall is located in the Mentarang district, village Paking, Malinau District, North Kalimantan.  Semolon waterfall shape is also very unique compared to other waterfall in Kalimantan. The form terraces like stairs, and no smell of sulfur, making the distinctive characteristics of this waterfall. Semolon Waterfall each level has a height of about two meters and up the steps of the visitors are free to taste the freshness of Semolon Waterfall.  Semolon hot waterfall is flowing water that is so warm and clear that can energize and heal the itchy skin disease and other diseases.

7. Air Terjun Martin Billa (Martin Billa Waterfall)
Martin billa waterfall located in Malinau is in the district. South Malinau Approximately 30 km from the District of South Malinau and 100 km from the capital city of Malinau and reached by traveling overland through the car about 3 hours from the Capital District.
The Waterfall height of approximately 70 m, already provided homes a place to stay and there is very cool all because of its location waterfalls are in wilderness Kab. Malinau so it is very natural and pleasant. Moreover we can easily search for freshwater fish and other animals.

8. Air Terjun Gunung Rian (Mt Rian Waterfall)
Gunung Rian Waterfall is just a steep cliff that traversed the mountain water. So the water that looks do not fall off freely. In some parts of the water just looks like through the sloping cliff. The location of this waterfall is stratified. Most visitors can only visit until at level two, because it takes extra effort to reach the level above which up to level five of the seven levels are formed. At the level or location to two, indeed falling water is not too high, only about two meters, but in this location area is larger than all other locations waterfalls. Level two is the chosen location for the gathering. Because the area is also possible to just rest from travel fatigue while enjoying the food that had been prepared previously.The total height of the waterfall reaches 90-100 meters with seven levels of waterfall.

9. Goa Gunung Putih (Gunung Putih Cave)
Gunung Putih Cave is a natural cave formations located in the Gunung Putih (a mountain that contains lime) which is located in Tanjung Palas, Bulungan. This Cave is quite amazing considering this region rarely entered the human.  Beautiful natural painting, curved expanse of stalagmite caves that are combined to give the sensation of its own experience. At least 42 points spotlights placed party developers to facilitate and guide visitors in the cave, there is a fairly broad steps in the cave, we could still go down deeper if interested, 

10. Pantai Mangkupadi (Mangkupadi Beach)
Mangkupadi beach located in the village Mangkupadi, District of Tanjung Palas Timur, Bulungan offers panoramic nature different beaches. The place is not known to many people, because this beach has not existed as a commercial tourist sites. Especially in this beach Area grown palm trees. If you want to drink coconut water, can grab yourself a free, no forbids it.

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