Friday, March 13, 2020

Paniai, the Most Beautiful Lake in the World

Did you know that the most beautiful lake in the world is in Indonesia? The lake was declared by 157 lake owner countries in the world at the World Lake Conference in India on November 30, 2007. The lake is named Paniai which is in the middle mountain range in the interior of Papua Province, Indonesia
This lake is located at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level. The extent of about 14,500 Ha. This lake was once known as Wissel Meeren. The name of the person who first discovered this beautiful lake in 1938, namely a Dutch pilot.
This lake presents a truly stunning natural panorama. How not, the green nature, blue lake water, coupled with the friendliness of local residents, make anyone who visits there will feel at home for long.
Interestingly, around the lake stored values ​​of cultural arts of the local community, namely the Mee and Moni Tribal cultural arts. Maybe this also makes it seem unique in the eyes of world travelers.
Lake Paniai also stores various types of freshwater fish and shrimp. Tilapia, tilapia fish, carp / carp, black nine fish, and eel fish. There is also a rainbow fish which is a Lake Paniai biota that is often sought by fishermen and ornamental fish lovers because of its high economic value. If you are lucky, you can see Papua's endemic shrimp which is now rare, namely cheating shrimp (cherax albertisii).
Besides enjoying the beautiful panoramic view of Lake Paniai, you can also fish or rent a boat to the surrounding population to surround the lake. When the sun fades you will see the natural beauty of the lake with a dim orange shades that are so peaceful.
Papua's nature unceasingly presents its charm. Almost every district in Papua has its own commodities. Not only the natural potential in the form of gold mines, forest products, natural and cultural tourism is now being promoted in Papua.

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