Saturday, April 4, 2020

Revealing the Beautiful View of Lake Patenggang

Lake Patenggang or commonly called Situ Patengan is a lake located in the southern part of Bandung, precisely in the Ciwidey region, West Java Province, Indonesia. . Situ Patenggang is at an altitude of 1600 meters surrounded by tea gardens.
Situ Patenggang area is around 45,000 hectares. And the total area of ​​the nature reserve reaches 123,077.15 hectares. Situ Patenggang is located close to one of the tourist attractions in the area of ​​South Bandung, Kawah Putih, the distance from the white crater tour is only about 7 KM and takes about 10 minutes, so if you are on vacation to the area of ​​South Bandung can visit these two locations in time the same one
The beauty of this lake can be seen from various points, both from the hill and the tea garden seen directly from the lake. The area around the lake is a protected forest and a stretch of tea plantations. To reach Situ Patengan, you can use private vehicles or public transportation. The vehicle parking area is located directly on the lake shore
Existing facilities in this place is the rental of water vehicles in the form of boats or water bikes. By renting a boat we will be taken around Situ Patenggang. We should also visit Batu Cinta and surround Asmara Island. The island is located in the middle of the lake and looks shady with lots of trees. Meanwhile, Batu Cinta is on the other side of the lake which is said to be the location of the meeting between Dewi Rengganis and Ki Santang.
Lake Patenggang Bandung has its own legend. The name Patenggang is said to be derived from the word pateang-teang (looking for one another). As usual, this legend has to do with a love affair. It is said that two incarnations of god named Raden Santang and the goddess of Rengganis have been separated for so long.
They then looked for each other, and finally met in what is now called the love stone. Dewi Rengganis then applied for a lake and a boat for them to sail. This boat later became the island in the middle lake of patenggang.
Each of these water vehicles is offered at a rental price that can be negotiated with the provider. Boat rental price of Rp. 15,000-Rp. 20,000 / person and Rp. 150,000 / boat, swan boat Rp. 40,000 / boat, and if you want to take a boat while fishing then you can rent it for Rp. 15,000 / fishing rod.


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