Thursday, April 16, 2020

Weh Island, the Hidden Paradise at the Western End of Indonesia

Pulau Weh (or We) is a small volcanic island located northwest of the island of Sumatra. The island is only 120.7 km² wide, but has many mountains. The highest peak of this island is a fumarolic volcano with a height of 617 meters. Sabang City which is the 0 km point of Indonesia is on this island. The westernmost tip of Indonesia is part of the NAD Province

This island is famous for its ecosystem. The Indonesian government has determined an area of ​​60 km  from the edge of the island both inside and outside as a nature reserve. 
Big-mouthed sharks can be found on the coast of this island. In addition, this island is the only habitat of the threatened frog, Bufo valhallae (genus Bufo). The coral reefs around the island are known as habitat for various fish species

In accordance with its position which is surrounded by sea and beach, on this Island swimming, snorkeling, and diving are the main 'menus'. There are 3 beautiful beaches on this island namely Sumur Tiga Beach, Iboih Beach, and Gapang Beach. On the beach of Sumur Tiga where the atmosphere is calm you can spend time while enjoying young coconut or snacks typical of the city of Sabang. It was named Sumur Tiga, because on this island there are three wells. 

The characteristics of this beach are also different, the white sand is shiny like crystal and smooth, while the sea water is slightly more choppy. Pualu Iboih has shallow beaches, calm and clear water. 
The trip to Weh Island can be reached by airplane because on the island there is already a small airport called Maimun Saleh Airport with a transit in Banda Aceh

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