Saturday, June 19, 2021

Peucang Island, Feels like in Heaven

Peucang Island is located within the Ujung Kulon National Park area by the Panaitan Strait in Pandeglang Regency, Banten Province, Indonesia, with an island area of ​​about 450 hectares. Peucang Island is truly a secluded paradise located on the westernmost edge of the island of Java. Surrounded by soft white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and stunning coral reefs, Peucang promises serenity for anyone stepping on the sand. 

Peucang Island is also home to various species of wild animals such as monkeys, hornbills, monitor lizards, wild boars, toucans, albatrosses, and many more. The most notable of these are the deer which are found in abundance around the island. Like much of the Ujung Kulon National Park area, Peucang Island was also hit by the historical eruption of Mount Krakatoa in 1883. Almost no flora and fauna survived the catastrophic eruption and tsunami that followed. 

However, one tree survived and is still alive today in the forest of Peucang Island. Trees classified as fig trees (Ficus sp) are called "Kiara" Trees and are estimated to be more than 2 centuries old. This spectacular tree has an extraordinary diameter equal to the circle made by more than 30 adult humans. 

Beneath the clear water surface, the enchanting coral gardens with their diverse sea creatures are the perfect place for beachside snorkelling or diving at various dive sites. Among the inhabitants of the underwater world of Peucang Island are butterfly fish, angel fish, clown fish, parrot fish, and many more. 

The most favorite place for diving is in Karang Copong on the western tip of the island. However, diving here can only be done by experienced professional divers because it has strong currents due to its location near the Indian Ocean. The island also has a large tropical forest for trekking and wildlife watching. As night draws near, the beach provides stunning views and a colorful setting of the mesmerizing sun setting on the horizon. 

The island with all its wonders above and below the surface offers a wide range of activities including: Trekking, boating, canoeing, animal watching, diving, snorkeling, surfing, camping and more. Peucang Island serves as a base camp and staging point for those who wish to explore deeper into Ujung Kulon National Park. This is the reason that on this small island you will find accommodation and supporting facilities. 

Eco Resort Pulau Peucang has a number of lodges with a total of 23 rooms. Each cottage has a spacious bedroom and a porch. Resort applies nature friendly concept ramah To reach Peucang Island, it can only be reached by boat from Sumur Dock or Tanjung Lesung Resort, or by fast boat from the tourist center of Carita Beach. The boat trip from Sumur Dock to Peucang Island takes about 3-4 hours depending on the weather and waves.

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