Saturday, June 19, 2021

Uci Waterfall, hidden paradise

Uci Waterfall (Cikawung Cisewu waterfall) is a seasonal waterfall (only visible during the rainy season, such as the Ceret waterfall in Naringgul) located in Girimukti Village, Cisewu District, Garut Regency, West Java, Indonesia. 

This Uci waterfall has several levels so that it offers exotic natural views. There are stone steps at the base of the waterfall and cliffs overgrown with wild plants, with cool air and the sound of flowing water that can make the mood peaceful. 

Uci Waterfall is also known as Cikawung Cisewu Waterfall, because it is located in the Cikawung river. Another name for this waterfall is Curug Mala. This waterfall has a height of more than 100 meters. 

Naming Uci Waterfall also has its own story. The name Curug Uci is taken from the name of an old woman and a native of Kampung Punduk Curug who lived from birth until she died living in the village. Mak Uci is one of the people who have contributed the most in preserving the environment, especially around the waterfall, such as planting a variety of banana plants, wood, bamboo and the area around the location becomes green and looks far from arid. 

Beneath this stepped waterfall there is a small pond to accommodate the flow of water, and the shape of the pool resembles a heart. Even so, visitors are not advised to swim in the pool, because the water discharge will be very heavy when it rains. In order to avoid unwanted things, visitors are not allowed to swim in the pool. No need to worry, because visitors can still play in the water at the base of the waterfall. 

Uci Waterfall, is now getting famous, it's just that because of its hidden location, not so many visitors come, it's still quite beautiful with clean water atmosphere Curug Uci is problematic in terms of access and facilities, because it has not been officially managed by the local government to serve as a tourist destination. There are no food vendors, so you have to bring food stock from the stalls on the street. Do not speak arrogantly and rudely. In the past, Curug Uci was also known to be scary and haunted, so speaking rudely and arrogantly, of course, was not allowed. 

Although Uci Waterfall is included in the administrative area of ​​Garut, the distance from Garut city to this waterfall is 110 km. Closer than Bandung via Pangalengan which is only about 88 km. For convenience, this location has been marked in Google Maps


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