Thursday, January 13, 2022

Kiti-Kiti Water Fall, the Hiden Paradise in Papua, Indonesia


 Kiti-Kiti Waterfall is located in Karas District, Fakfak Regency, West Papua, Indonesia

Kiti Kiti Waterfall is one of the waterfalls in Fakfak Regency, West Papua, Indonesia, which is located in Karas District, Fakfak Regency. Kiti Kiti Waterfall is a waterfall that falls directly into the open sea and is surrounded by turquoise waters that are very clear and covered in dense tropical rain forests to mountainous contours that are still natural and untouched by humans.
The Kiti Kiti Waterfall tourist attraction offers views of the waterfall, beach, and sea and when the sea water recedes, you will see the beach under the waterfall, but when the tide is high, the flow of water will immediately plunge into the open sea.
There are various types of fish from small to large, including Stingray, Snapper, Tuna, Mackerel, and various other types of fish that make this place a fishing location for local fishermen. Tourists who like to dive can also enjoy the beauty of coral reefs that are still in good condition and can play with colorful ornamental fish.
To visit Air Kiti-Kiti, there are several ways we can use the Pinisi Kurabesi Explorer Ship. From Fakfak or Kaimana Regency, the distance is about 5-6 hours. Meanwhile, if you want to go faster, you can use a twin-engine fiber motorboat from Fakfak. The travel time is about 4 hours at a speed of 25 knots. However, the price is more expensive if you use a regular boat. You pay 12 people it can be 4 million to 6 million rupiah one way


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