Saturday, January 29, 2022

Sancang Forest, "the lungs of the earth"


The Sancang Forest Area is a conservation area with the status of a nature reserve located in Cibalong District, Garut Regency, Indonesia. The area is located in the south of Garut which has so much potential for biodiversity. Not surprisingly, because of the uniqueness of the plants and wildlife that are in it.
Sancang Forest is designated as a nature reserve in West Java with an area of ​​about 2,157 ha. The coastal waters around the 1,150 ha Sancang Forest CA were designated as a marine nature reserve in 1990 because they have coral reefs in relatively good condition. 
 Not only the scenery is exotic, this area also saves the potential of diverse flora. With vegetation types classified into lowland forest, mangrove forest, and coastal forest, in this area there are several types of flora such as palahlar (Dipterocarpus sp) which is the only species of the Dipterocarpaceae family that is still original and grows naturally on the island of Java. ; kaboa (Lumnitzera racemosa), which is a typical plant in Sancang; and warejit (Excoecoria ocha) which are toxic and harmful to humans. Of course, the most sought-after flora is Rafflesia patma, an obligate parasitic flora that is famous for having very large flowers.  
Javan rare animals, namely the Javan gibbon (Hylobates moloch) can still be found in this area. Likewise with other protected animals such as the Javan leopard (Panthera pardus), peacock (Pavo muticus), deer (Cervus timorensis), and other types of animals. In addition, in the waters you can find several coral reef fauna such as Spongia sp., Leptosens sp., Favia sp., as well as several types of ornamental fish such as Chaetodon sp. and Labroides sp.  
Sancang Forest is a forest that is legendary as the tilem (place of disappearance) of King Siliwangi. In this forest there is also a Kaboa tree (similar to a mangrove tree) which according to local belief is the incarnation of Pajajaran soldiers who are loyal to Prabu Siliwangi. Therefore this forest is believed to be a sacred forest that has magical powers for the local population.  
As in conservation areas in general, there are no tourism facilities in this forest, only in the form of accommodation or restaurant facilities, but if visitors want to spend the night they can use the nearest accommodation facilities located in Pameungpeuk District. For restaurant infrastructure facilities are also available in Pameungpeuk District. The distance to be covered is about 13 kilometers from the district government center. While from Garut City is about 112 km.

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