Friday, February 11, 2022

Semolon Waterfall, Hot Waterfall In North Kalimantan

Semolon (hot) waterfall is located in Harapan Maju Village, Mentarang District, Malinau, North Kalimantan,Indonesia . Semolon waterfall is indeed not high and wide. This waterfall is about 44 km from Malinau City. To reach this waterfall it takes about 1.5-2 hours drive from the capital city of Malinau Semolon waterfall consists of 9 levels. and each ladder forms a pool. 
The shape is very unique, tiered and forms a natural pool at each level. Uniquely, this waterfall is also a hot spring. So we will see and feel 2 natural phenomena at once here. Waterfalls and hot (warm) water. 
The river where this geothermal water flows is in the form of terraces or stairs. At first glance, the original stairs made by nature are the result of human carvings. The reason is, the shape is neatly arranged like the temple stairs made by our ancestors. The source of this waterfall has two springs, the left is cold water while the right is hot water. 
The local community  also believe that hot water in Semolon is efficacious in curing various diseases and increasing stamina. No wonder people who visit Semolon not only for tourism, but also for alternative medicine. Surrounded by trees with green leaves that are still lush and dense. So that we will still feel cool even though the sun is scorching hot. 
In addition to the Semolon hot springs nearby, there are other supporting facilities to make it easier for visitors who come to Semolon waterfalls/hot springs, namely: Gazebos, Meeting/Event Places, Suspension Bridges, Footpaths, Grass Volleyball Fields and camping ground. The location of the waterfall has been marked on Google Maps to make it easier to search, the problem is that the road to this location is still mixed with dirt roads, if you use a four-wheeled vehicle you should use a double axle vehicle.  

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