Sunday, February 20, 2022

the Amazing of Biawak Island

Biawak Island is located in the Java Sea and is part of Indramayu Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia, with a distance of about 28 nautical miles or about 40 kilometers from the north coast of Tirtamaya Indramayu. 

Clean air with the sea breeze is felt as soon as you step on the Biawak island. Not only that, the clear sea water and clusters of coral reefs that are still intact add to the beautiful waters of the Biawak island. Coupled with the abundance of colorful ornamental fish inviting you to dive in and explore every inch of the coral reefs there. 
The beauty of Biawak Island is even more obvious if you have the opportunity to tour the island with an area of ​​​​120 hectares. The island is rich in mangroves that are green and densely seen from a height, as well as various other plants. Meanwhile, the name of the monitor lizard (Varanus salvator) is taken from the monitor lizards that roam and live in these islands.                                                                   

 Actually the name of this island is Rakit Island, but by the Indramayu Regency Government it is called Biawak Island because there are many monitor lizards that are characteristic of this island. This animal is unique because it lives in saltwater habitats. Every time before sunset, dozens of monitor lizards with a length of between 20 cm - 1.5 meters can be seen swimming on the beach. The animals are indeed hunting fish for their food needs. 


The existence of this island is very dangerous for the shipping lanes of ships passing through the islands. So it's not surprising that the Dutch, during their colonization of the Indonesian archipelago, built a lighthouse tower. The lighthouse with a height of about 65 meters was built by ZM Willem in 1885. This can be seen from the sign that reads “Onder De Efcering van Z.M. William III. Koning des Nederlanden, ENZ.., ENZ.,. Opgerigt Ovh Draailicht 1872". Until now, the building still functions to guide ships large and small that pass. Seeing the age of the building, the lighthouse is estimated to be the same age as the lighthouse on Anyer Beach.

Not only natural and historical tourism, on this island you can also carry out pilgrimage tours. The reason is that on the island there are a number of tombs, two of which are the tomb of Sheikh Imam who is said to be one of the figures who spread Islam in Indramayu. In addition there is the tomb of Z.M. Willem III, a Dutchman who first came to the island of Biawak and built a lighthouse. 

The Indramayu Regency Government also only has two aid crossing ships from the West Java Provincial Government with a capacity of 30 people and 10 people. These two ships are only operated every Saturday and Sunday with a rental rate of IDR 290 thousand / person. However, you can rent a fishing motor boat for IDR 2 million/10 people. 

 With a ship belonging to the Indramayu Regency Government, you can cross to Biawak Island with a travel time of about 1-1.5 hours, while by motorboat it takes about 4 hours. The difference is that a motorboat can be rented anytime or every day


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