Friday, April 21, 2023

The Beauty of Citatah Cliff


Citatah Cliff is one of the natural attractions in West Bandung Regency, Indonesia, about 5 km from Padalarang to be precise. This cliff in the West Bandung Regency area is one of the favorite places for rock climbers. Because coming and daring to swing on a cliff is very challenging adrenaline and requires guts.

Not only does it provide a pleasant view of the hill, this cliff is also a tourist reference point. Citatah Cliff is a hilly area and is formed from limestone mountains which makes it look different from hills in other places. The Citatah Padalarang cliff has the characteristics of limestone rock which is safe to climb.

There are three main cliffs used for climbing, namely Citatah 48, Citatah 90, Citatah 125. The cliffs are named according to their height. Citatah 48 Cliff has a characteristic that distinguishes it from other cliffs, namely the presence of a dagger-shaped monument that sticks right at the top of the cliff. Monument This giant dagger is a very striking characteristic.

Citatah 90 Cliff, has a type of karst or limestone rock with a height of about 90 meters from the ground. Citatah 90 Cliff has a higher difficulty level than the other cliffs. The cliff which has the official name of Mount Pabeasa has about 4-5 climbing routes that are commonly used and the Citatah 90 Cliff has a surface that tends to be fragile. The location is still close to Citatah 48. This cliff is quite rarely climbed.

Citatah 125 Cliff is located on the highest limestone mountain in the Citatah area, namely Mount Singgalang, which has a cliff height of 125 meters so it is called Citatah Cliff 125. The Citatah 125 Cliff area is an educational center for rock climbing schools in Bandung and Greater Jakarta. At an altitude of 30 meters from the cliff there is a natural cave which is used for climbing purposes and a resting place for climbers.

The price of admission to the Citatah cliff is Rp. 5.000,-/person, costs will increase if you want more facilities, such as for camping, pre-wedding photos and others. This additional fee is divided into several categories, including camping for 2 days paying Rp. 30,000, -/person, Camping for 1 day pays Rp. 40,000, -/person, 8 hours of pre wedding photos for Rp. 60,000, -/person, Reunion for 24 hours paying Rp. 60,000, - and shooting video clips, advertisements or films for one day pays Rp. 500.000,-. To make it easier to find this location, it has been marked on Google Maps








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