Sunday, October 15, 2023

The Great of Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih (White Crater) is located in the village of Alam Endah, Rancabali District, Bandung Regency, West Java, Indonesia, which is at the foot of Mount Patuha. Kawah Putih is a crater lake from Mount Patuha (2,434 m asl) with temperatures between 8-22 degrees.
The beauty of Kawah Putih was first revealed thanks to the efforts of Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn who was traveling in the South Bandung area in 1837. As the name implies, the soil in this area is white as a result of mixing sulfur elements. In addition to its white soil, the lake water in the Kawah Putih area also has a greenish-white color and can change color according to the sulfur content contained, temperature and weather.

Actually Mount Patuha has 2 craters caused by two eruptions. The first eruption occurred in the 10th century and left a crater on the western summit. Because the crater is dry, the people named it Kawah Saat. In Sundanese, when means dry. Long after that, the mountain fell into a deep sleep entering a long rest. The eruption activity that occurred in the 13th century, gave birth to a second crater in the form of a very beautiful lake which we know as Kawah Putih.

The lake water in Kawah Putih can change color according to the sulfur content it contains, temperature, and the weather. Located in Kawah Putih, you will see the uniqueness of the lake which changes color, such as apple green, bluish, milk brown, to misty white.

One of the interesting spots that many photography lovers hunt is Sunan Ibu's sunrise viewing point, where visitors can enjoy the beauty of the White Crater from above and can see the beauty of the sunrise from a height of 2430 meters above sea level. This place is open from 04.00 WIB to see the sunrise view.

The entrance gate to Kawah Putih is between the paths from Ciwidey to Situ Patengan, before reaching Situ Patengan there is a junction towards Kawah Putih, with the contours of the road that continues to climb towards the crater through the wilderness, the condition of the road has been paved even though there are several points that are slightly damaged and have holes. For convenience this location has been marked on google maps


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