Saturday, October 24, 2020

Baluran National Park

The Little Africa is the nickname given to Baluran National Park. Baluran National Park is located in Wonorejo Village, Banyuputih District, Situbondo Regency and Banyuwangi Regency, East Java Province, Indonesia. This area is indeed the border between Banyuwangi and Situbondo districts. This area is approximately 25,000 thousand hectares. In this area we will be presented with various kinds of conservation and natural animals.
The monsoon forest will welcome tourists who come here after passing the guard post. What is meant by seasonal forest is a forest that will change according to the season. During the rainy season, we will see the green charm of the trees. However, when the dry season comes, we will be entertained by arid conditions. Brown color with fallen leaves. We will follow this forest for approximately 5 km.
Then we will enter the evergreen forest or eternal forest. The forest here is in fertile condition. Whenever we come, this forest will always look green and soothing. Here, we have to travel approximately 3 kilometers to the next area.
The next area we arrive at Savanna Bekol. This Savanna is nicknamed Little Africa. This area has 10,000 hectares or more than a third of this area. here, tourists will be treated to meadows and views of the mountain nan tomorrow.Bekol savanna has almost the same properties as monsoon forest. During the rainy season, this area has a charming green charm. Usually, during the rainy season there are many animals that can be seen, such as deer eating grass.
 It is recommended for tourists visiting here to be careful. Because this is nature. You might meet a snake or a herd of bulls who are coming. Better, we stop and let them pass first.
 The last area of ​​Baluran National Park is Bama Beach. This beach is very quiet and so delicious to be used as the final point of adventure in Baluran National Park. However, one must pay attention to the presence of a herd of long-tailed macaques. They will be eyeing the food that will be brought us. So, it is advisable not to provoke them by bringing food.
  We better get out of this area before 3pm. In this place there is no lighting and the journey from Bama Beach to the entrance gate takes more than an hour.
 The Baluran National Park area is easy to find if you want to go to this place. we only need to follow the Banyuwangi - situbondo route. This area is along the road. The distance is 67 km from Situbondo City or about 47 km from Banyuwangi City. This location is already marked in Google Maps for easy search.


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