Monday, October 26, 2020

Mount Papandayan

Mount Papandayan is a strato volcano located between two villages, Sirnajaya and Kramatwangi, Cisurupan District, Garut Regency, Indonesia. The mountain with an altitude of 2,665 meters above sea level is located about 30 km southwest of Garut City.
Mount Papandayan is quite comfortable for visitors, including those who are not familiar with climbing activities. because the paths are so organized, some of them have been made terraces using stone structures. Many stalls and toilets are available at a number of points, this is very helpful for visitors who are tired, hungry, or just want to pee ..
The first spot on Mount Papandayan is the Sulfur Crater. The white smoke billowing into the air is one of the beauties of Mount Papandayan. This crater is not very wide and is not at the top of the mountain, considering that Papandayan is a strato-shaped volcano. There are several craters, one main crater and several small craters that are also seen emitting smoke. The crater area is bordered by a guardrail, with the intention of prohibiting visitors from approaching. However, there are still visitors who walk closer to the crater just to see or take pictures.
The second spot is the Dead Forest which is one of the hallmarks of the beauty of Mount Papandayan. This dead forest is formed from dead cantigi trees so that only the dry trunks remain. Even so, these barren trees provide their own beauty. The location of this dead forest is above the main crater of Mount Papandayan.
The next spot is Padang Edelweiss, besides dead forest, Mount Papandayan is famous for its Edelweiss Field. Edelweiss is very much found at the top of Papandayan. However, this arena is a forbidden area to be visited for safety reasons. But don't worry, we can still see this Edelweiss flower between Pondok Saladah and the Dead Forest.

The next spot is the Hot Water Pool which is located in the vehicle parking area. You can soak in this hot pool and spend starting from IDR 25,000. Soak while looking at the beauty of Mount Papandayan.

The night sky when it is clear over Mount Papandayan is very beautiful. The stars shone bright so clearly. Photography hunters will be very happy to play with their cameras in order to get perfect pictures, the beautiful expanse of stars in the Papandayan sky. The stars slowly began to disappear, replaced by warm and yellow sunlight that began to appear around 05.30 WIB. In Papandayan, there are several spots that are perfect for enjoying the process of the sunrise. For example in Bukit Soni, Camp Ghoober Hoet, and Camp Pondok Saladah. Pondok Saladah is a large flat area and very strategic for setting up tents. There are also abundant water sources here. MCK facilities and many stalls.
When using public transportation from the direction of Garut, we head to Cisurupan. From Cisurupan there is no public transportation anymore, so we have to charter a pick-up car at a rate of Rp. 250,000 per way. But if we don't bring a large group, it's better to use a motorcycle taxi service with an average rate of Rp. 25,000 (depending on the negotiation).



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