Monday, October 26, 2020

Talaga Bodas Crater


Talaga Bodas Crater is located in Sukamenak Village, Wanaraja District, Garut Regency, Indonesia, Garut City is about 25 km or an hour's drive. The route to this tourist attraction is quite easy, although the road is not very good.
The beauty of the Talaga Bodas crater is actually famous since the Dutch East Indies era. Talaga bodas in Indonesian means lake / white lake. This is because its location is indeed a small lake in a former crater with white sulfur water. Here there is still volcanic activity in the form of hot water and sulfur. The crater water contains solfatara gas which makes the Talaga crater water very acidic so it is corrosive. The crater itself is still active, although it is not dangerous and safe to visit.
Currently, there are arrangements for places in the Talaga Bodas area. Now, private vehicles cannot enter directly into the crater area, but must stop at the entrance gate area. All vehicles must park here. From here we can walk to the location of the crater, or use a motorcycle taxi that specifically transports visitors there for about 700 meters. Stalls are also only available in the parking area, unlike before, which was directly on the edge of the crater.

There are several places that can be visited in the Talaga Bodas natural tourism park area. The main thing is of course the crater area. Now, in the crater area there are no stalls like before, so you have to bring your own food / drink here.

Another place that can be visited is a hot tub. The location is in the right area of ​​the crater. The pool is open, directly on the edge of the crater. To get to this location, we just need to walk along the route to the right of the crater. In addition to this hot spring wading pool, there are also 7 fountains; hot water soaking pool which is also believed by local people to bring blessings. This location has been marked by Google Maps

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