Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ngurtafur Beach, a Unique Beach in Indonesia


Ngurtafur Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, located on Warbal Island which is part of the Kei Islands in Southeast Maluku, Maluku Province, Indonesia.

Ngurtafur Beach is unique and different from most beaches because Ngurtafur Beach is formed from a stretch of white sand in the ocean and can be seen when the sea water recedes. Apart from the beauty of the white sandy beach, this beach also has no trees or other plants, it's just like a stretch of white sand in the ocean. The length of Ngurtafur Beach itself is around 2 km, winding like a snake when we look from a height. As if it were a path to the middle of the sea.

The beauty of Ngurtafur Beach is not only limited to the stretch of white sand stretching across the blue sea, but here we can also see hundreds of storks resting after fishing. On Ngurtafur Beach, if you are lucky, you will see a flock of leatherback turtles and what is even more exciting, you can meet the oldest turtle on Ngurtafur Beach called "Tabob".

Because this beach is uninhabited, those who come here have to bring their own supplies because there is no one selling on the beach, which is still said to be very quiet and rarely visited by tourists. For those who want to stay near the beach, there is also cheap accommodation around 150 thousand / person. To make it easier to search, this location has been marked on Google Maps


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