Thursday, November 30, 2023

Umbul Waru Waterfall, a Truly Extraordinary Waterfall

Umbul Waru waterfall is located in Sidomulyo village, Bakung District, Blitar Regency, East Java Province, Indonesia. The location is around 32 km from the city center of Blitar and can be traveled in 1.5 hours to reach the beach.

Umbul Waru Beach, where the Umbul Waru waterfall is located, can be said to offer a complete package, especially for those who love marine tourism. Starting from fine white sand, beautiful flowing waterfalls, majestic towering cliffs, it's all here. The height of the waterfall itself is no less than 80 meters.

The Umbul Waru waterfall does have a very exotic natural panorama, because the waterfall plunges directly into the sea, but it is still relatively empty of visitors, perhaps this is because access to the Umbul Waru waterfall is very difficult to get through. Moreover, there is still minimal signage, you have to often ask local residents if you don't want to get lost here.

If you are coming from the city of Blitar, follow the directions to Kademangan until you reach the T-junction on the Kademangan bridge, turn left following the directions to Tambakrejo. About 10 meters you will meet the Gawang intersection (if you go straight south to Tambak Beach) turn right following the directions to Jalan Trisula, about 3 km you will meet the T-junction, turn left following the instructions to the Tirtogaluh waterfall tourist attraction.

After that, follow the paved road until you reach the last T-junction then turn left following the directions to Pangi beach. Then follow the directions to Sidomulyo Village and after arriving at the Sidomulyo village office, from here turn right then follow the sign for the Umbul Waru waterfall which has been installed from the Sidomulyo Village office. If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask local residents.

However, on the journey after the last village, we will be tested on a fairly challenging road, we will pass several hills which have a road 1 meter wide and can only be passed by motorbike for 3 km. The rocky road goes up and down small hills and the heat and heat of the sun will always accompany you on your journey to Umbul Waru beach.

Umbul Waru beach and waterfall are still quiet due to the difficult terrain of the journey. This location has been marked on Google Maps and there is no charge to go to the beach following the Umbul Waru waterfall, all it's free


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