Thursday, February 13, 2020

Peek at the Hidden Paradise of Natuna

Natuna Regency is located at the northern tip of Indonesia which is directly bordered by Vietnam and Cambodia and its waters are international shipping routes for Hong Kong, Japan, Korea to Taiwan. The last time this region was the subject of chaos between Indonesia and China. Many natural scenery that spoil the eyes are found here. The following is conveyed 11 locations in Natuna with extraordinary natural scenery

1. Pantai Batu Kasah (Batu Kasah Beach) 
Batu Kasah Beach has another name Cemaga Beach and is touted as one of the best beaches in the Regency. The beach can be found by travelers in Bunguran district. Around this beach is overgrown with many coconut trees and scattered granite rocks make a picture of a tropical island look perfect.
Batu Kasah Beach is also blessed with a beach length of up to 5 km, with its white sand and clear sea water that makes anyone who visits there will be immediately smitten with his charm. When visiting this beach, the tips are to bring your own food supplies because some sources say that there are not many food stalls available in this beach area.

2. Pantai Batu Sindu (Batu Sindu Beach)
Heading to the east coast of Ranai city, we will be welcomed by Batu Sindu. Batu Sindu is the name of a coastal area that is filled with granite rocks of various shapes and sizes. Enjoying the most interesting Batu Sindu area is through the lighthouse tower that is around the location.
Batu Sindu has a huge tourism potential that is waiting to be developed soon. At present this area is still relatively natural with the construction of various supporting facilities. At this location there is no parking available, there are no restaurants and inns and a variety of other basic tourist attraction facilities.

3. Pantai Sisi (Sisi Beach)

Natuna is the perfect place for a holiday with a partner, in contrast to Bali which provides a choice of full service romantic tours. Virgin nature will be found in Natuna, one of which is Pantai Sisi.
Sisi Beach in 2006 was named the best natural beach in the world according to Island magazine. The beach has white sand with a somewhat coarse texture so if you play sand on the beach, the clothes stay clean because the sand won't stick to clothes or even the skin. The sea is very calm makes many foreign travelers consider it not like the sea but a pool.

4. Alif Stone Park
Natuna Regency has many beaches with similar characteristics, which are surrounded by granite rocks. The most perfect view between the beach and granite can be seen in Alif Stone Park which is said to be the most popular icon in Natuna. This beach is located near the Ranai City which is the district capital.
As the name suggests, Alif Stone Park is a rocky park located on the shores of Sepempeng Village. This tourist spot is a blend of white sand beaches, clear sea water and granite rocks that beautify the area. Existing tourist facilities in this place are wooden bridges that connect between large stones so that visitors can walk around the area around this stone park.

5. Senua Island (Senua Island)
Senua Island is located in the administrative area of East Bunguran Subdistrict, precisely opposite Sepempang Village. This area is the perfect place for travelers who are looking for an exotic natural coastal landscape with a magical underwater world.
The waters of Senua Island are known to be full of coral reefs that thrive. In it lives a variety of marine life. Moreover, sea water in this island region is known for having quite clear visibility.

6. Pantai Tanjung (Tanjung Beach)
This beach is one of Natuna's favorite tourist destinations. On holidays this beach will be filled by visitors who are mostly local residents.
Tanjung Beach is located in Tanjung village, Bunguran Timur sub-district and can be reached by driving for 20 minutes from the city of Ranai. The allure that this beach has includes white sand beaches, blue seas and gentle waves.

7. Pantai Teluk Buton (Buton Bay Beach)
Teluk Buton Beach in the village of Teluk Buton, Bunguran Utara sub-district, Natuna is the next destination to be missed. This is because several times the coastal area and the village of Teluk Buton have been visited by a team from the Ministry of Education and Culture in an effort to map the Underwater Cultural Heritage.
Buton Bay Beach is a special tourist attraction for Natuna colors on weekends. Because this is one of the few cool tourist attractions in Natuna that already has easy road access for vehicles to drive.

8. Pantai Sahi (Sahi Beach)
Sahi Beach is one of the popular tourist destinations in Natuna. Its position is only about 25 kilometers from the capital of Ranai district where access can be reached using a motorized vehicle which takes less than an hour.
Sahi Beach is famous for its stone island landmarks in the middle of the sea called Sahi Island. When the sea conditions are receding we can go to the island on foot. When the tide is so cool to use to play water because the water is very clear and clean.

9. Air Terjun Gunung Ranai (Mount Ranai Waterfall)
Although the main treat for traveling to Natuna is marine tourism, but the mainland of Natuna district in the form of hills also saves natural attractions that are not less interesting through Mount Ranai Waterfall. This waterfall is still quite hidden location and has not yet been opened for commercial tourism purposes.
However, such conditions provide its own benefits for those of us who like adventure. Splitting the forest and up the hills through a steep trail becomes a mandatory route that must be passed. The prize is a virgin natural landscape and a natural waterfall that has clean water.

10. Masjid Agung Natuna (Great Natuna Mosque)
The Great Natuna Mosque is the largest and largest mosque in the Riau Islands. This mosque was built in 2007 and only completed in the next 2 years. Its location is quite easy to find because it is located in the Utaraku Gate complex which is the center of government and business in the capital district of Ranai.
If you have come to Natuna, you will be more happy if you visit and feel the pleasure of worship at the Natuna Great Mosque. In addition to its very large size, the mosque also has a magnificent architecture that adopts the Taj Mahal dome and is built like mosques in the Middle East. 

Come on, what are you waiting for? Hurry and plan your vacation to Natuna !

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