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Ten Mountains with the Most Beautiful Views in Indonesia

Indonesia which is located on the ring of fire makes Indonesia one of the countries that has the most mountains in the world. At least there are hundreds of beautiful mountains scattered in the Territory of Indonesia. Of the many mountains in Indonesia, some of which have spectacular views that we can only enjoy when we climb them. From Sabang to Merauke, we have a lot of beautiful mountains. If told to determine which mountain has the most beautiful view, surely everyone will have difficulties. However, we will try to give an overview of the 10 most beautiful mountains in Indonesia. The parameter is the large number of climbers who want to climb to the mountain and the uniqueness of the mountain in question. And here are 10 mountains that have the most beautiful views in Indonesia.

1. Mount Rinjani
Mount Rinjani is often referred to as the best trekking tour in Southeast Asia. Mount Rinjani is a complete mountain. He has a beautiful savannas overgrown with the mother of Edelweis, he also has a charming view of the sunrise. Of all the beauty that is on Mount Rinjani, Lake Segara Anak is the most sought after. Lake at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level is the most beautiful gem on Mount Rinjani.
The beauty of this lake can also be seen from the top of Rinjani. What is unique from Mount Rinjani is the existence of Mount Barujari in the middle of Segara Anak Lake. Mount Barujari is a mountain located on the top of the mountain so this mountain is often referred to as its son Mount Rinjani

2. Mount Semeru
Mount Semeru is the most beautiful and highest mountain on the island of Java. This mountain has been a legend for a long time. The maximum climbing quota of only 500 makes the climbers sometimes have to queue at Ranu Pani.
Mount Semeru also has a super beautiful gem in Ranu Kumbolo. A natural lake at an altitude of 2,400 masl. In front of Ranu Kumbolo there is a Love Climb which is no less famous among climbers. Then there is the Oro-oro Ombo which is overgrown with lavender flowers. With all the beauty it has, it's natural that Semeru Mountain is the target of climbers everywhere.

3. Mount Prau
Dieng Plateau in Central Java is known for having beautiful mountainous landscapes. One of the best places to visit in Dieng is Mount Prau. This mountain is the highest land in the Dieng Plateau. From the top of this mountain we can see views of the summit of Mount Sindoro and Sumbing which look so handsome and elegant. Mount Prau is also the best place to enjoy the sunrise at Dieng besides Sikunir Peak.
Mount Prau has a peak of vast grasslands. Around the peak we will see a line of hills which are often referred to as Teletubies Hill. What's interesting about Mount Prau is its height is "only" 2,565 meters above sea level with a climbing track that is not too difficult so that anyone can climb this mountain and enjoy the beauty from its peak. Many climbers also think that Mount Prau is a mountain that has the most beautiful sunrise views.

4. Mount Merbabu
Mount Merbabu lies between the borders of Magelang, Boyolali and Semarang regencies. Mount Merbabu presents the beauty of the savannas that we can enjoy from the top slopes and peaks. Mount Merbabu itself has several hiking trails. However, the path that is known to have the most beautiful view is the Selo track in Boyolali district.
On the last savanna before the summit, the scenery is more beautiful thanks to the presence of edelweiss flowers that grow on the hillsides. If it is in season, this view will look very beautiful and photogenic. Mount Merbabu itself has three highest peaks namely Kenteng Songo, Trianggulasi and Sharif. The special thing about climbing Mount Merbabu via Selo is that we will be treated to a view of Mount Merapi which is right in front of our eyes. Mount Merapi looks very beautiful from Mount Merbabu.

5. Mount Gede and Pangrango
The most beautiful place on Gunung Gede is Suryakencana Square. This place is a meadow filled with edelweiss flowers. Suryakencana Square is one of the best places to enjoy the view of the eternal mother, Edelweis.
Suryakencana Square is at an altitude of 2,750 meters above sea level. Behind its beauty, this place has a myth, but clearly Suryakencana Square has a sight that is unsightly
Gunung Gede itself is located in the Mount Gede Pangrango National Park area. In addition to Mount Gede, in this national park area there is also Pangrango Mountain which also has a meadow filled with Edelweiss Flowers. His name is Mandalawangi.

6. Mount Papandayan
At Mount Papandayan, the place where edelweiss flowers grow and show off its beauty is known as Tegal Alun. Tegal Alun is also one of the best places in Indonesia to see the beautiful Edelweiss Flower.
Mount Papandayan itself is a mountain located in Garut district. This mountain is also known to have several craters. Some of the well-known craters on Mount Papandayan include Kawah Mas, Kawah Baru, Nangklak Crater, and Manu Crater

7. Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo itself has been known as one of the mountains that has a very beautiful sunrise view. The location is in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area. The view of the sunrise at Bromo is even more beautiful because we can see a series of mountain peaks around the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park
Mount Bromo is also known for its vast sand dunes. Jeep vehicles and horses are a common sight on Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo itself has a height of 2,329 meters above sea level. In addition to sunrise views and sand dunes, Mount Bromo is also famous for its crater which we can reach using the stairs that have been provided.

8. Mount Ijen
Another mountain in East Java that has a spectacular view is Mount Ijen. This mountain is located between three regencies in East Java namely Banyuwangi Situbondo and Bondowoso. Mount Ijen can be categorized as a mountain that is not high because the height is not up to 3,000 masl. This mountain has a maximum height of 2,443 meters above sea level. What's special about this mountain is the view of blue fire which will look so cool in the early hours of the morning.
Mount Ijen is very famous for its blue fire scenery. A rare natural phenomenon that is said to only be two in the world. The blue flame comes from sulfuric liquid which is traditionally mined by the community around Mount Ijen. To enjoy the beauty of the blue fire at Ijen we can climb Mount Ijen at night.

 9. Mount Kelimutu
Ende Regency in East Nusa Tenggara also has a mountain with a very charming view. The mountain is Mount Kelimutu. Tinggu Gunung Kelimutu alone is only 1,639 meters above sea level but the view offered is really cool. At the top of this mountain there are three lakes known as Lake Three Colors because each water in the lake has a different color. The color of the water in this lake sometimes also changes with time. The three lakes have their respective names including Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai , Tiwu Ata Polo and Tiwu Ata Mbupu.
The people there also believe that the change in water in this lake (which changes are very rare) is a sign that an extraordinary natural event has occurred on earth.

10. Mount Patuha
The mountain which also has a very beautiful natural scenery is Mount Patuha. The name of this mountain may still be quite foreign. However, if it was mentioned the White Crater, everyone would already know where this mountain is located. Yep, Mount Patuha is a mountain located in the district of Bandung, West Java. Kawah Putih is part of Mount Patuha which is better known to people than Mount Patuha itself. Crater lake with turquoise blue water is a place that is preferred by many tourists. Its beauty also tempts many young couples to do pre-wedding photos
Mount Patuha itself has a height of 2,386 meters above sea level. With the existence of the White Crater which was the result of the eruption of Mount Patuha in the 1o century, it is permissible to call this mountain the most beautiful mountain in Bandung

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