Thursday, February 6, 2020

Take a Peek at the Wonders of 11 Unique Beaches in Indonesia

The beach is a geographical form that is formed from sand found on the coast of the sea. The beach is also a dividing line between the ocean and land. The shape of the beach is diverse, especially regarding the scenery and beautiful panorama, making the beach area visited by many tourists. In Indonesia there are many beaches with amazing beauty and unique shapes that are rarely found on other beaches in the world. Let's look at 11 Unique Beaches in Indonesia

1. Pantai Ngurbloat (Ngurbloat Beach)
This beach is located in the village of Nglingof in the western part of the small island of Kei, a distance of 20 Km from Tual, the capital of Southeast Maluku district. The uniqueness of this beach is its sand beach. Apart from a very wide and long stretch of beach sand, the color of Ngurbloat Beach is bright white and has a very soft and smooth texture. The softness of Ngurbloat Beach sand can only be defeated by the softness of the flour.

2. Pantai Lehi (Lehi Beach)
The beach is located in the West Siau District, Siau Regency, North Sulawesi is indeed unique. because along the coastline the water feels hot. Hot sea water vapor rises from the surface into the air indicating the degree of heat of the water. This is caused because Lehi Beach is right at the foot of the super active Karengetan Volcano which is in the sea near Lehi Beach..

3. Pantai Moli Sahatu (Moli Sahatu Beach)
Moli Sahatu Beach, located in Patuno Village, Wangi-wangi District, Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, has its own uniqueness, namely the existence of a Fresh Spring on the edge of a salty sea. Uniquely the Freshwater Springs on this beach are more than one or even hundreds. Hence the Sahatu Moli Beach is also called the Hundred Springs Beach.

4. Pantai Tanjung Tinggi (Tanjung Beach)
The beach is located in the Village of Sijuk, Belitung. The uniqueness of this beach is the number of giant granite boulders. Tanjung Tinggi Beach has giant stones along the edge of its beach. The size of these stones is also very diverse and many times the size of humans. This beach became even more famous after being made a place to shoot Laskar Pelangi Films so that many also say this place Laskar Pelangi Beach.

5. Pantai Raja Ampat (Raja Ampat Beach)
The beach is located in the Raja Ampat Islands of West Papua and has beautiful white sandy beaches. The panorama of the coral islands is very amazing. The uniqueness of Raja Ampat Beach is that we can see unique karst islands that are like mushrooms that grow above sea level.

6. Pantai Tanjung Api (Tanjung Api Beach)
The beach which is located in Tanjung Api, Ampana, Central Sulawesi has its own uniqueness because the sand of the beach when it is scraped will emit a fire. You simply dig the sand, then the fire will burst immediately from under the sand. This fire will burn continuously until we cover it again with sand. wow ...

7. Pantai Bayah (Bayah Beach)
The beach is located in Lebak Regency, Banten, which has its own uniqueness. This Bayah Beach lip contains a lot of gold and we can see gold panners along this Bayah Beach.

8, Pantai Pink (Pink Beach)
The beach, located on Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province, is the only beach in Indonesia that has pink sand. This sand beach is formed from red coral fragments. The locals call it Red Beach, but tourists know it better as Pink Beach.

9. Pantai Sulamadaha (Sumaladaha Beach)
The beach, which is located on Ternate Island, North Maluku Province, is unique in its clear sea water like glass. This beach is not white sand like the beaches in other places. But this area has a very beautiful view both on the surface and below the surface.

10. Pantai Pasir Kuning (Pasir Kuning Beach)
The beach is located in Tempilang Village, West Bangka Regency, Pangak Pinang which is unique in its yellow sand beach. The golden-yellow beaches are the main attraction for local and foreign tourists. Sloping beaches and calm waves make the Yellow Sand Beach an attractive place to become one of the family gathering places.

11. Pantai Nambung (Nambung Beach)
The beach is located in Nambung Hamlet, Pengantap Village, Sekotong District, West Lombok Regency, or about 60 Km from the city of Mataram. White sand shaped like pepper is one of the uniqueness of this beach. Another uniqueness is the existence of a waterfall at the end of Nambung Beach located on the rock cliffs of this beach and small pools below.

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