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the Five Hidden Paradise in Indonesia

There are so many beauty places of view in Indonesia, unfortunately many are not yet familiar to our ears. But, that does not mean these places are not worth visiting. In a way, these places are hidden paradise of our homeland. In this article, we will discuss five hidden paradise in Indonesia that is not yet known by many tourists

1. Air terjun Madakaripura (Madakaripura Waterfall)

Madakaripura is a waterfall located in Probolinggo Regency, East Java. This 200 meter high waterfall is the highest waterfall on Java and the second highest in Indonesia. This is one of the waterfalls in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area, precisely on the slopes of Mount Bromo.
Madakaripura waterfall is at the end of a narrow and niche-shaped valley surrounded by steep cliffs that drips water on all areas of the cliff like rain, 3 of which even pouring down to form another waterfall.
The trip to the waterfall is very beautiful and spoil the eyes with a view of large trees, fresh air and also through the rivers. Strong, waterproof shoes or mountain sandals are highly recommended for this trip. The journey takes approximately 1 hour when you then feel the cold air in this place. Madakaripura waterfall can be reached from Malang or Probolinggo..

2. Meru Betiri

Meru Betiri is a place that is not yet well known to tourists, located in Banyuwangi, East Java, located in the Meru Betiri National Park is a national park located in the southern part of East Java region at geographical coordinates 8 ° 21 '- 8 ° 34' LS, 113 ° 37 '- 113 ° 58' east longitude, with altitudes of 900 - 1,223 meters above sea level and average rainfall of 2,300 mm / year.
Administratively, Meru Betiri National Park is located in the Pesanggaran subdistrict, Banyuwangi Regency and Jember Regency, East Java Province. Meru Betiri, the most stunning tropical forest in Java with a variety of mangrove ecosystems, swamp forests and lowland rain forests.
In this hidden paradise Indonesia can find a variety of rare plants such as rengas, bendo, fires, raflesia and others. You can also find wildlife here, from red-tailed squirrels, leopards, turtles, turtles and black beetles.

The beauty of nature does not end here, you will also be treated to the beautiful Sukamade beach, Rajegwesi beach and Green Bay. So, you can be satisfied exploring various places that have not been touched while visiting here. A few tips, for those who are interested in visiting Meru Betiri, you should come during the dry season. Avoid coming during the rainy season because the access roads are often flooded

3. Pantai Ora (Ora Beach)

Ora Beach is a beach located in Seram Island, North Seram District, Central Maluku, Maluku, Indonesia. The beach, located at the western end of the Sawai bay, is next to the Saleman and Sawai villages, on the edge of the Manusela National Park forest.
Ora Beach has the characteristics of a white sandy beach with very clear and calm water with a wealth of coral reefs, fish and various other marine biota. Ora Beach and the village of Sawai are attractions in the bay of Sawai which annually attract around 500 tourists from home and abroad (2013).
Ora Beach has a lodging resort floating above the beach. While in the village of Sawai there is a tourist cottage which is located in the residential area which is also floating on the beach. Various tourism activities that can be carried out at Ora beach include nature tourism, tirta tourism, snorkeling, diving, culinary tours, cave cruising and photography.
For those who crave maritime tourism with beautiful views that are second to none, there is no loss in visiting this hidden paradise in the Maluku islands. Ora Beach is adorned with clear sea water and sturdy coral reefs that soar into the sky.
If you visit here, do not miss to dive, because you will get an underwater view that will not be forgotten with a coral reef or coral and a variety of fish. Everything can be seen with your eyes because the water is blue and clear.

4. Teluk Kiluan (Kiluan Bay)

Kiluan Bay is located in Pekon (Desa) Kiluan Negeri, Kelumbayan District, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung Province suitable for travelers who like adventure. The hilly and humid topography is interesting to explore. The journey to Kiluan Bay has been a challenge for tourists. The road on the West Coast of Sumatra is not yet so smooth that it needs skills in driving a Motorized Vehicle to pass it.
Kiluan Bay is Indonesia's hidden paradise which is famous for its many dolphins and whales. here you can also see the attraction of dolphins in the high seas. Not only that, Kiluan Bay also presents beautiful scenery with blue water and clean white sand. 
For those who have a hobby of fishing, every year a fishing competition is held here which is followed by reliable anglers from all over Indonesia. The beach in Kiluan Bay is suitable to be a "Getaway Destination". Here already there is an inn or a Stage House that is decent enough to be a place to stay for visitors.

5. Goa Jomblang (Jomblang Cave)

Jomblang Cave which is located in Yogyakarta Jomblang Cave is a vertical cave with type collapse collapse. This cave was formed due to the geological process of the collapse of the land along with the vegetation on it to the bottom of the earth that occurred thousands of years ago. This collapse formed a sinkhole or wells which in Javanese are known as luweng. That is what makes it unique because in the cave there is a mouth area of ​​the cave about 60 meters is often referred to by the name Luweng Jomblang. Jomblang Cave in Gunungkidul Regency, DI Yogyakarta, Central Java.

In this Jomblang cave, you will be spoiled with views of ancient forests and underground rivers. However, to enter into it, it takes a considerable amount of guts. Because the cave as high as 60 meters has a fairly challenging terrain. So to be able to get to the bottom of the cave, you must be accompanied by an experienced cave tracker and don't forget to wear safety gear such as boots, helmets, and headlamps.

Although the trip to enter this hidden tourist attraction is a thrilling moment but, the taste will disappear after you see the beautiful scenery in a cave that is second to none. Like karst hills and deciduous teak trees. No wonder that Jomblang Cave was once used as a place for shooting the American Amazing Race event in 2011 and is called a hidden paradise in Indonesia.

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