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Moyo Island, the Island Where World Celebrities Heal

Did you know there is a small island in Indonesia that is a favorite of world celebrities? The island is called the island of Moyo. The island which is located 2.5 km from the north of Sumbawa Island (West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia) has an area of ​​350 km2, a maximum height of 671 meters, and a coastline of 88 km.
The name of the island of Moyo is increasingly known after a number of world-class celebrities take a tour. Call it the late Princess Lady Diana Spencer, Mick Jagger, Edwin van der Sar, Maria Yuryevna Sharapova, David Backham, David Bowie and recently Rain and Kim Tae Hee honeymooned to this island.

This island offers complete tourist destinations ranging from tropical forests, beautiful seas, stunning waterfalls, and much more. An example is the Mata Jitu waterfall, a famous waterfall on Moyo Island which, although very difficult to achieve, will make us endlessly amazed when I see it directly. Mata Jitu waterfall is one of the many works of the Creator. You will not believe if you have not seen it directly. The green of the surrounding trees, the flow of the waterfall, the natural terraced pools are a complete package of the beauty of the Mata Jitu waterfall itself. In this waterfall the late Princess Diana could soak while enjoying the coolness and beauty of the forest of Moyo Island

Another tejun water is called Diwu Mbai. At Diwu Mbai Waterfall you can take a full bath in very clear and fresh water. There is a rope that you can use to jump and fall in the fresh waterfall of Diwu Mbai

The beaches on Moyo Island are still quiet and very natural. Likewise with the natural scenery under the sea just by snorkeling alone, you can already see the beautiful coral reefs with various types of fish. Some beaches that you can visit include Pantai Satu, Ai Manis Beach, Tanjung Pasir, Brang Sedo,

At this time on Moyo Island there is only one lodging available, namely Amanwana Resort. This resort is a 5 star level, with prices per night of $ 800- $ 1000. For cheaper lodging options, visitors can stay at the homes of residents who provide rooms to stay at a price per night around Rp. 150,000 - Rp. 200,000 or at a homestay with a tariff range of Rp 200,000-Rp500,000 / night. If you want something even cheaper, visitors can camp in the Brang Sedo beach area.

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