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Kalipat Beach, a Beach on the Nusa Kambangan Island where the Prison is Located

Kalipat Beach is one of the beaches on Nusa Kambangan Island, Tambakreja, South Cilacap District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. Nusa Kambangan Island has long been known as a place where law violators who are deemed to have committed serious violations are imprisoned

Kalipat Beach is part of the line that surrounds Nusakambangan Island. This beach has not been managed as a tourist attraction by the Cilacap Regency Government. So there are no road signs to the location. So it's quite confusing. The beach is quite wide and the sand is white, because access is quite difficult, so Kalipat beach is still very quiet. The row of sand that faces directly to the Indian Ocean is one of its charms. To get to this beach, we must first reach Karang Tengah Beach. Once there, visitors will be asked whether to use the services of a guide to get to Kalipat Beach. Kalipat Beach has a spacious area, fresh breeze and crashing waves.
Kalipat is an abbreviation of the word Kali Empat, which in Javanese means 'kali' as a river, and 'empat' itself means that on this beach there is a meeting between 4 rivers, so it is abbreviated as Kalipat.

Kalipat Beach is not too far from Karang Pandan Beach, so tourists can start the journey like when traveling to Karang Pandan Beach. Namely by renting a boat from Teluk Turtle Beach to Karang Pandan Beach. Arriving at Karang Pandan Beach, we can walk through the forest to get to Kalipat Beach.

Another option is to start from Teluk Penyu Beach, but you have to visit Seloko Cilacap Pier first to choose a boat headed to Kalipat Beach. If you start the journey from Seloko Cilacap Pier, tourists will take a boat to cross with an estimated journey time of approximately 60 minutes. Boats at Selo Pier are available every day, but there are limited crossing operating hours, namely from 07.00 to 16.00 WIB.

Therefore, even though Kalipat Beach is open every day 24 hours non-stop. However, because the crossing's operational hours are only until 4 in the afternoon, like it or not, tourists have to follow these regulations to be able to return to Seloko Pier. It's best to come to this pier in the morning, so that when you vacation at Kalipat Beach you feel very satisfied. There is no entrance ticket to this beach. Kalipat Beach has been marked on Google Maps


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