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Sulamadaha Beach, the Sea is as Clear as Glass


Sulamadaha is the most famous beach on the island of Ternate, North Maluku Province, Indonesia. Not only in Indonesia, but this beach is also known to foreigners. Many foreign tourists visit Sulamadaha, and it is even difficult for them to forget the charm of this beautiful coast. Its position is to the north of Ternate City with a distance of approximately 15 km

The history of Sulamadaha Beach has been famous for a long time, because the beach is located in Sulamadaha Village and has existed since 1940. Starting from the attraction of Sulamadaha Beach which is called Saomadaha. A location in the Sulamadaha Beach tourist attraction area, a beauty hidden behind coral rocks. Saomadaha is the enchanting beauty of the Sulamadaha Beach lagoon. At this location, visitors will see water that forms shades of turquoise green, blue and clear, and the water is very calm. Several boats in Saomadaha can be seen floating beautifully on the water.

the beauty of Sulamadaha Beach, hidden behind a hill and to reach it we can walk along the cliff through a concrete road that can only be passed by pedestrians and motorbikes, local residents call this location HALL, a very beautiful bay with very clear water and also charm its charming underwater.

Not many people know, there is still more hidden beauty in this hall, namely the presence of a source of warm water that comes out of the rocks in one corner. Because it is located at the end and hidden, not many tourists play around this warm water. To reach this point, visitors have to swim, because the road is quite steep by land.

The facilities available on this beach are many stalls selling food in the form of instant noodles and duck and plantain bananas which are typical of Ternate. It feels very refreshing to drink coconut water after being tired of swimming and snorkeling.

The best time to visit this place is in the morning and evening, when the sun is not high and it is not hot so you can freely play in the water, swim and snorkel.To make searching easier, the location of this beach has been marked on Google Maps


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