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Sancang Beach, as if Visiting a Private Beach


Sancang Beach is one of the beaches which is a nature reserve area in the form of a protected forest consisting of a forest area and a beach. Sancang Beach, which covers an area of 200 ha, is located in Sancang Village, Cibalong District, Garut Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia.

To find this quiet beach, tourists will pass through Leuweung Sancang, which means the Sancang forest which is very rich in flora and fauna. You will really feel the amazing views here, especially when entering the forest. All the green plants and trees are thick and tall so that anyone inside cannot reach the view outside the forest, even the beach you are going to visit. The cool air and no pollution at all makes anyone feel at home walking through this forest and breathing in as much oxygen as possible from this place. The beautiful white sand beach is very wide and extends in an amazing curve. Even though you are on the beach, the waves will be far from your eyes, because there are shoals separating the sand from the rolling waves.

This natural tourist spot cannot be separated from the history of the Padjadjaran kingdom, which was famous for the magic of its king in West Java. Legends that have been passed down from generation to generation are still things that local people really believe in regarding various things in Leuweung Sancang. The total area of this nature reserve reaches 2,913 ha for forest areas and 200 ha for coastal areas. Very suitable for those of you who want to go on an adventure and what can you do here? Of course there are many other interesting things to enjoy.

To get to the tourist location in the Sancang area, tourists can take the Garut - Cikajang route with a distance of 112 km with a travel time of 3.5 hours if traffic conditions are smooth. This tourist spot is not difficult to find, apart from being widely known by the public, access and road directions are adequate for tourists. When tourists enter the forest area, the road leads to the beach, views such as ferns, ferns and rafflesia will sweeten your trip. You will also find various types of animals living in this forest. Although many animals have become extinct, such as the white buffalo, which is said to be native to the Sancang forest, can no longer be found.

This forest area which is also close to the beautiful Cijeruk beach is also part of a cultural heritage, divided into 3 parts, namely lowland forest, mangrove forest and coastal nature reserve. To get to Sancang beach, Garut regency, tourists can take the path into the forest and then arrive at the beautiful Cijeruk beach. Next, continue your journey by crossing the Cijeruk river using local fishermen's getek. This getek can transport you or if you use a motorbike. This forest provides paths that are adequate for motorbikes or walking, but if the beach area is your destination, you should bring or rent a motorbike and a guide. Many motorbike taxi services are also offered which are ready to take you to the beach which is adjacent to Santolo beach.

Even though you are on the beach, the waves roll far from the beach, because the sea water and the beach are naturally separated by quite high shoals, so the beach is just a shallow sea with views of all the underwater biota that lives in shallow sea waters. Even when you play in the water, you will only play in the shallow sea without fear of being rolled by the waves.

The coral reef is another beauty that is hard to forget, as far as the eye can see the long expanse of sand is ready to be a beautiful story when you return home. On the other side, this beach displays calming silence, large piles of wood and the faint sound of waves bringing you to find a calm like no other. The wreck of a ship that sank who knows how many decades ago is proof that this region is so isolated from modern areas, far from the hustle and bustle and ferocity of the progress of the times.

Walking around Sancang beach enjoying the natural surroundings is an option for those of you who want to know more about Sancang and the magic within it. Setting foot on the brilliant white sand and exploring every corner of this beach may not be enough for one day considering that the Leuweung Sancang area is very large. Swimming is a must if you come here, the clear water and the beauty of the diverse marine life make you feel that you are in the middle of a large and magnificent aquarium. Relaxing on the beach after doing water activities is the next option. On this beach there is an estuary with clear and rocky water. Tourists usually try their luck fishing in this estuary.

Visiting this forest is the same as being thrown into an uninhabited place. So it is not surprising that facilities such as places to eat and drink, toilets and so on are still minimal here. Except for those located around residential areas. To get to this forest area you will be charged an entrance ticket of 10,000 rupiah and 5,000-10,000 to pay for the raft that will take you to Sancang beach from the bay in the forest. To make it easier, the location of Sancang Beach has been marked on Google Maps.


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