Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Nokan Nayan Waterfall, a thrilling waterfall

Nokan Nayan Waterfall is located in Deme Village, Ambalau District, Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Nokan Nayan Waterfall or commonly called Nohkan Lonanyan Waterfall is the highest and largest waterfall in the interior of Kalimantan.

The highest waterfall in Indonesia which plunges directly to a height of 180 meters and a width of around 200 meters is Nokan Nayan Waterfall. This waterfall consists of different rivers but they meet and fall together, so the size of the water and the height of the waterfall are no surprise if this waterfall seems to be covered in smoke that rises high.

Nokan Nayan Waterfall has two waterfalls with two different river sources but the two streams will merge and fall to form Nokan Nayan Waterfall and Jongonoi Waterfall. Jongonoi Waterfall is formed right next to Nokan Nayan Waterfall from the Jongonoi River, but the height is the same, namely 180 meters.

The water discharge when it rains will be bigger and the splash or splash of water can reach tourists who are quite far from the waterfall. The strong flow of water makes the surrounding area filled with fog and looks like smoke. During the day a rainbow will appear between the two waterfalls so it is very beautiful and enchanting. Other views offered from this waterfall area are the expanse of green forest and river flows filled with rocks, making this area very beautiful and natural.


Access to Nokan Nayan Waterfall is very difficult because you have to travel by land, river and foot several times. However, one of the commonly used routes is through the city center of Sintang Regency. Because this waterfall is not yet exposed and visited by tourists, there are not many signs or easy access.


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