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The Mystery of the Gunung Padang Site


The Gunung Padang site is on the border of Gunung Padang and Panggulan hamlets, Karyamukti Village, Campaka subdistrict, Cianjur Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. The location can be reached 20 kilometers from the intersection of Warungkondang sub-district town.

The area of the main complex is approximately 900 m², located at an altitude of 885 m above sea level, and the site area is around 3 Ha. The function of the Gunung Padang site is thought to be a place of worship for the people who lived there around 2000 years BC.

Mount Padang was discovered by N. J. Krom. He discovered this site in 1914 and reported it in the Rapporten Oudheidkundige Dienst. Gunung Padang is recorded as the largest terraced punden complex in Southeast Asia.

There are five terraces on this site which have different sizes and the rocks come from andesite, about one meter long and shaped like pillars. Each terrace on Gunung Padang has a function. One of them is the first terrace which is recorded as the widest part. The first terrace is composed of rocks with the largest number of rocks, but the number decreases towards the top.

The results of the research indicate the possibility of musical involvement from several of the existing megalith stones and their existence makes it the largest stepped punden complex in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, National Geographic reported that claim

Gunung Padang is the oldest pyramid structure in the world, starting from the presentation of researchers from Indonesia at the American Geophysical Union in 2018. This claim was based on Mount Padang being different from ordinary hills after researchers had conducted research for years. The reason is, this site has a series of ancient structures whose foundations are around 10 thousand years old and could even be older. Researchers also explained that the first layer of Mount Padang is around 3,500 years old based on radicocarbon dating. Meanwhile, the second layer of this site is around 8,000 years old and the current layer is around 9,500-28,000 years old.

We can reach Mount Padang starting from Warungkondang Village. From this village we turn right, then go to Cipadang-Cibokor-Lampegan-Pal Dua-Ciwangin-Cimanggu and end up in Gunung Padang Hamlet.

Arriving at Mount Padang, we will find a gate or gate to the Mount Padang tourist site. If it's a normal day, private vehicles can go straight in on a fairly uphill road to arrive at the foot of the hill. However, if it is a national holiday or weekend, private vehicles usually have to be parked at this gate. And we have to continue our journey to the foot of the hill, either on foot or using motorbike taxi services. To make things easier, this location has been marked on Google Maps


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