Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Kamojang Crater, beautiful views of the geothermal power plant

Kamojang Crater is located right on the border of Garut Regency-Ibun District, Bandung Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia, and is in the geothermal area of the geothermal power plant, Kamojang. The total number of craters in this area is 23 craters and is located on the back of Mount Guntur.

Komajang Crater itself is on Mount Kamojang which is managed by PLTP Kamojang, Indonesia Power and also Pertamina because it is used as an Earth Power Power Plant. And Kamojang Crater is the first crater whose energy can be harnessed. This PLTP was built during the Dutch colonial period in 1926.

The Kamojang crater is in the form of a cave-like channel where geothermal steam comes out through the cave passage. If you look from above you might think that someone is burning something in the cave, but actually it is geothermal steam, and this is what makes the Kamojang crater special.

Having a land area of around 10 ha means you can freely do many things. Although only around 8 ha can be explored, because the rest is currently undergoing renovation. In this crater there are 23 craters, 2 of which are shaped like lakes that have steam. This crater has a passageway containing steam channels which, when viewed from above, look like underground train steam.

This area is also a Nature Reserve and Tourist Friendship which has been designated through a Ministerial Decree. So you can get natural views that are guaranteed to be maintained. The cool air will also make you feel at home spending time in this place. The flora and fauna are also a plus of the 23 existing craters, each crater is given a name. The names given have their own meaning, such as the Manuk crater because some of the holes produce sounds that resemble the sound of a manuk bird or the train crater because it sounds like a train (more like the sound of a jet plane). The train crater is the crater that attracts the most attention because the gas vapor that comes out has very extraordinary pressure (2.5 bar).

The facilities at the location are quite complete. Maybe because it is in the Pertamina management area, it gets a lot of help. The atmosphere is also neat and clean. The existing facilities in the form of stalls are several and quite complete. spacious parking area. toilets in the parking lot and near the rain crater, quite a lot of rubbish bins, lots of gazebos and places to sit and rooms for hot showers, cheap, only Rp. 4.000 as much as you like.

 Because Kamojang Crater is located in the Kamojang PLTU geothermal area, which borders Bandung Regency and Garut Regency, to get to Kamijang Crater there are two routes that visitors can take. The first route is the Bandung Majalaya Ibun Kamojang route. Now there is an alternative route available via the Kamojang Hill Bridge. Meanwhile, other routes can be via Garut, Samarang, Kamojang. This location has been marked on Google Maps














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