Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Klayar Beach, a Beach that soothes the eyes of Visitors


Klayar Beach is in Sendang Village, Donorojo District, Pacitan Regency, East Java Province, Indonesia, about 40 km west of Pacitan City.

Klayar Beach holds a lot of unique beauty and also holds mystery. The beauties include white sand, giant coral similar to the Sphinx in Egypt, sea flutes, natural fountains, waterfalls and beautiful coral rocks.

The view of the blue sea and white sand will welcome tourists who come. Apart from that, the sand of Klayar Beach is also white, so it looks very harmonious with the blue sea water. To the west of Klayar Beach, there is land that extends towards the sea called Tanjung Klayar. Before entering Tanjung Klayar, there is a camping area that visitors can use for camping.

As a popular tourist destination, Klayar Beach has quite complete facilities. There is a fairly large parking area and toilets and bathrooms are available there. For culinary delights, there are many stalls selling various kinds of food menus around Klayar Beach. Other facilities at this tourist spot include a prayer room, gazebo and accommodation if you want to stay overnight. For camping lovers, a camping site is provided.

If you want to visit Klayar Beach, currently the entrance ticket price is IDR 10,000 for children and IDR 15,000 for adults. These ticket prices have started to change since February 15 2021 based on Pacitan Regency Regional Regulation Number 3 of 2020 concerning Levy for Recreation and Sports Places. Ticket prices are also determined based on the Decree of the Regent of Pacitan Number: 188.45/151/KPTS/408.12/2021 concerning the Revocation of Reductions in Several Levy for Recreation and Sports Places in Pacitan Regency.

There are 2 alternative routes that you can take to get to the Klayar Beach tourist attraction, namely from Pacitan City, East Java and from Yogyakarta – Wonosari-Wonogiri. This second route only takes 3-4 hours. To facilitate. This location has been marked on Google Maps.








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