Monday, December 4, 2023

Pelang Beach, Feels like your own Beach

Pelang Beach is located in Wonocoyo Village, Panggul District, Trenggalek Regency, East Java Province, Indonesia. The distance from Trenggalek city center to the west is approximately 53 km. The location of Pelang Beach is to the west of Trenggalek Regency, which borders Pacitan Regency. Route from Trenggalek city center to the southwest towards Panggul District. Travel time is around 3 hours.
Pelang Beach in Trenggalek has a 2 km long coastline with an area of around 10 hectares. This beach actually has great potential to be developed into a tourist destination in Trenggalek.
Different from other beaches in East Java, in the Pelang Beach tourist area you can see a harmonious combination of beaches, waterfalls, caves, hills and quite dense forests, there is also another tourist attraction, namely waterfalls. The distance is also not far, only about 300 meters from the northwest of the beach.
There, visitors can see the beauty of the waterfall with a height of around 35 meters above the ground. If you want more, you can explore again about 100 meters east to Goa Pelang. Pelang Cave is truly still very natural and worthy of being developed as a charming natural tourist attraction.
The waves at Pelang Beach are relatively calm, but there is a prohibition on swimming there. This is because there are no lifeguards on duty to monitor and help when visitors need help. With this, in this beach area there are many written prohibitions against bathing on the beach.
The most popular activity that tourists do at Pelang Beach is enjoying the unique panorama of the beach. Watching the beautiful landscape of the beach from the top of the hills is the best way to discover its charm. There are visitor booths available which will make it easier for tourists to enjoy the panorama of Pelang Beach. The views around the beach are unique with large rocks on the edge of the beach and small islands in the middle of the sea, plus small waves that alternately wash over the beach sand.
The entrance ticket charged is IDR 8,000, there is no accommodation in the Pelang Beach area, but visitors can look for places to stay around the city of Panggul. If visitors want to spend the night around the beach, visitors can set up tents as a place to rest. The location of Pelang Trenggalek Beach can be reached by driving a private vehicle or public transportation. To make things easier, the location of this beach has been visited on Google Maps. 


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