Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Mursala Waterfall, where the film Kingkong was filmed

Mursala Waterfall is on Mursala Island which is administratively included in Tapian Nauli I Village, Tapian Nauli District, Central Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia.

Mursala waterfall is located on a steep cliff that is in direct contact with the Indian Ocean. So the water spills from a height of around 35 meters and immediately merges with the ocean below. Mursala Island is well known internationally because it was once used as a shooting location for the famous Hollywood film, namely the film Kingkong.

Mursala Island, where the Mursala waterfall is located, is an island with an area of approximately 8,000 hectares surrounded by a stretch of white sand beach that looks beautiful. Even though it is quite large, this island is only inhabited by around 60 families.

Mursala Island is famous for its beautiful beaches and sea views. This island is also surrounded by reddish brown granite cliffs and green forests which add to the beautiful view of Mursala Island.

There is no trekking activity to get to the main location of Mursala Waterfall. And to get to the location of Mursala Waterfall, tourists must use a speed boat or ship rental service.

The trip can start from Sibolga Harbor, but make sure you travel to Mursala Island when the weather is clear. And it's a good idea to come to this location with a group, to reduce the cost of renting a boat or speed boat. The distance from Sibolga to Mursala Island is around 22.5 km.

The naming of Mursala Waterfall is related to the history of the VII century, at which time there was often a flow of trade carried out by Arabs to Barus Beach. Before entering Barus, the Arabs always prayed on the large island at the tip of what is now called Mursala Island. The word Mur is another name for Arabs, and the word Sala means prayer. This history became the forerunner to the island being called Mursala Island.

To get an idea of the position of Mursala Waterfall, you can see it on Google Maps











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