Thursday, December 14, 2023

Tamalulua Waterfall (Bassolo Waterfall), Beauty in the Middle of Arid Nature


Tama'lulua Waterfall (Bossolo Waterfall) is in Ramba Village, Rumbia District, Jeneponto Regency, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

Tama'lulua Waterfall is also known as Bossolo Waterfall because it is located not far from Bossolo Hill. It can be said that tourist attractions are not very well known compared to other destinations and the managers still only come from the surrounding community.
Tama'lulua waterfall has a height of around 85 meters. You need to spend extra energy to get to Tama'lulua because you have to climb a rocky road. But all your tiredness will pay off when you see the beautiful view of the waterfall accompanied by the green leaves of the trees. Arriving at the waterfall, visitors are faced with two choices, namely seeing it from the top of the hill next to it called Bassolo Hill, or going down to enjoy the freshness. If you choose to enjoy it from the top of Bassolo Hill, you can also enjoy the sunset. Or after descending from the hill to the waterfall if your energy is still strong.

Because this tourist attraction is still very simple and was even developed by local residents themselves, the entrance ticket price is very cheap, namely only Rp. 2,000-Rp. 3,000 per person. Meanwhile, those who bring vehicles will be charged separate parking rates.

Talking about facilities, Tama'Lulua is quite complete. Because there is a gazebo, toilet and resting place. Please note that all facilities and cleanliness at this waterfall are still managed by the local community.

For those departing from Makassar, just move straight towards the city of Jeneponto. The journey will take approximately three hours. Arriving in the city of Jeneponto, the journey still has to continue to Rumbia Village until finally reaching the parking area. From here, you have to start preparing physically and energetically. It took about an hour to walk before we could actually reach the waterfall location.


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