Monday, December 4, 2023

Ponot Waterfall, the highest Waterfall in Indonesia


Ponot Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Indonesia. It has a height of approximately 250 m with very heavy water flow and a tiered waterfall structure. located in Tangga Village, close to Porsea Paritohan, Pintu Pohan Meranti District, Bandar Pulau, Asahan Regency, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Located southeast of Parapat City with a distance of around 69 km.

Ponot Asahan Waterfall has 3 levels of waterfalls with very heavy water flows, plus several small waterfalls flowing from between the rocks, adding to the beauty and beauty of this waterfall.

Ponot Waterfall is in the Ponot River which is a tributary of the Asahan River. It is located at an altitude of around 500 meters above sea level. The typical view from this location is a waterfall surrounded by green trees. Not far from the Ponot waterfall, there are a number of small waterfalls that you can also look at. The flow of Ponot Waterfall is not the straight vertical type, but there are two to three levels that enhance the beauty of the water droplets.

Access to the waterfall can be accessed by two-wheeled or four-wheeled motorized vehicles, but visitors need to be careful because on several roads there are potholes and they pass through oil palm plantations. Upon arrival at the Ponot Waterfall tourist area, visitors will be greeted with a large gate. Visitors still have to walk about 500 meters to get to the edge of the waterfall.

This tourist attraction is still managed independently by local residents so not many facilities are provided. There are only a few food and soft drink vendors, and one bathroom near the parking lot. This is certainly very unfortunate considering the large number of tourists who are interested in visiting the highest waterfall in Indonesia. This location has been marked on Google Maps to make searching easier



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