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Beautiful Scenary from Bengkulu

Bengkulu is a province in Indonesia. The capital city is located in the city of Bengkulu. The province is located in the southwestern part of Sumatra Island with a total area of 19919.33 km2 bordering the West Sumatra province in the north, South Lampung, the Indian Ocean in the West and South Sumatra and Jambi in the East

Bengkulu Province has several small islands are inhabited well as Enggano, as well as the islands are uninhabited like Mega Island and other small islands. Variations in the geographical situation in Bengkulu cause this province has many beautiful natural scenery, which are as follows

1. Danau Mas Harun Bastari (Mas Harun Bastari Lake)
Danau Mas Harun Bastari has a unique island in the middle. This lake has an island-shaped C. Local residents say that the letter C symbolizes the city name Curup. The lake is located in the District Selupu Rejang, Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu Province. It lies in the northeastern city of Bengkulu at the distance of about 92 km.

2. Danau Dendam Tak Sudah (Dendam Tak Sudah Lake)
Danau Dendam Tak Sudah is a lake which is now a nature reserve area of the Dusun (CADB) has an area of 577 hectares (ha) with a surface area of about 67 ha lake this, there is also a sacred lake, supposedly guarded by Tiger Black and Grey deer. The lake is located in the Village of Dusun Besar Singaran Pati District of the city of Bengkulu, Bengkulu Province. The lake is located in the eastern part of the city of Bengkulu with distance as far as 8.5 km.

3. Air Terjun Curug Sembilan (Curug 9 Waterfall)
Curug 9 Waterfall is located in the village of Padang Jaya, Padang Jaya subdistrict Kurotidur, north Bengkulu Regency. From Bengkulu city to the north as far as 70 km. This location falls from the cliffs as high as 100 meters. The uniqueness of this waterfall is because the water that flows to form nine levels and each level forming several waterfalls thus providing natural landscapes spektakuler. Due to its location in the middle of the forest, so visitors have to hiking first. Preparation of the body fit and complete hiking equipment are strongly encouraged to pay a visit to the Curug 9 Waterfall.

4. Pantai Panjang (Panjang Beach)
Pantai Panjang is the beach which is situated 1.5 km from the west of Bengkulu, this beach has been well known as the most sought after tourist attractions in Bengkulu. The sand is white, gently sloping beaches and the water was crystal clear. Moreover, this beach has a line length is 7 km
Panjang Beach has a point distance tide and low tide rather distant points, which is 500 meters. This certainly makes it more beautiful beaches at low tide because of its white sand became more widespread. Color beach is not just dominated by the blue of the sea and the white of the beaches, but also the green of the trees. There are a lot of fir and pine trees near the beach. The trees that make the atmosphere even more cool with the landscape green and wind spoil you.

5. Air Terjun Tri Muara Karang (Tri Muara Karang Waterfall)
Tri Muara Karang Waterfall is located at Village Belitar Seberang, Rejanglebong District, Bengkulu Province, is currently one of the attractions of the potential for hot and cold water taste.The waterfall consists of 5 waterfalls. The main waterfall has a height of over 50 meters, whereas some children waterfalls have some height variation.
Also on the top there is a hot tub which reaches 10 square meters. The pool water flows down in the form of a waterfall tillers so that visitors can feel there is a waterfall cold and hot.  Waterfall area which has an area of up to two hectares is located in the northeast city of Bengkulu About a distance of 120 km.

6. Danau Tes (Tes Lake)
Tes Lake is a natural tourism attraction in Lebong Regency. It is one of the largest lakes in Indonesia. Lake Tes is the main Hydroelectricity (hydropower) supplier for almost whole of Bengkulu Province. The area of the lake is about 750 Ha. Located at Kutai Donok Village, it is approximately an hours travel from Muara Aman, and can be reached by most public transportation. The Central Hydroelectricity, which is only about 2 km from the lake can be visited. Nearest village: Karang Anyar, Kutai Donok (Central Village), Talang Ratu Village and Tes Village. Tes lake is located in  South Lebong Subdistrict, Lebong Regency, Bengkulu province. Tes lake located in the northern city of Bengkulu distance as far as 128 km.

7. Telaga Putri Tujuh Warna (Putri Tujuh Warna Pools)
 Location Telaga Puteri Tujuh  Warna is administratively located in the border district Lebong Rejang Lebong regency, precisely in the Village Rimbo barrier. Cold Water District, Bengkulu. The distance from the town of Bengkulu is about 70 km. Telaga Puteri Tujuh Warna has the beauty and uniqueness that has seven different colors. Telaga Puteri Tujuh Warna area has an area of ​​about 50 hectares with seven colors. Four lake has a large size is the lake blue, red, white and gray, while the three other colors have a small size that lake with yellow, brown and black. When we entered the location of Telaga Puteri Tujuh Warna Thr color will be marked by a lake with a diameter of about 10 meters in blue.
This lake is one of the hot springs. In the vicinity of this blue lake we can find another small lake-lake yellow, brown and black. The next trip is to follow the flow of a small river red as far as 200 meters from the blue lake that led to the lake red. This lake also large and clearly visible smoke above it. The next lake is a lake with gray. The next is the main lake from the lake daughter of seven colors, namely white lake. white lake has a size much larger than the other lake. Its diameter is 50 meters and 100 meters.

8. Pantai Linau (Linau Beach)
Linau beach is located on the side of the causeway leading Kaur Lampung which is about 20 km from downtown Bintuhan. Tourist attraction of the bay with white sandy beaches and underwater scenery. Not far from the location of the beach there are also relics of the British fort site known as the fort Linau. The beach is located southeast of the city of Bengkulu with the distance of 243 km.

9. Teluk Podipo Pulau Enggano 
(Podipo Bay Enggano Island)
Enggano is one of the outer islands of the archipelago. Moving away from the equator towards the south along the 589 km. Flat with an area of 39570.11 hectares, extending as far as 35.60 km from the northwest toward the southeast or from the Gulf to Cape Kohoubi Berhau. Widened 12.95 km from the northeast to the southwest or from the Port of Tanjung Kioyo Malakoni up. Separated by the Indian Ocean off the island of Sumatra. Closed to within 175 km of the city of Bengkulu,. The island has a natural scenery and beautiful beaches. Podipo bay is one of them.

10. Pantai Koomaang Pulau Enggano 
(Koomaang Beach Enggano Island)
Koomang beach at the northern tip of the island Enggano is a unique and challenging place for lovers of rock climbing. There batu2 giant rocks, cliffs with caves challenge which had been obstructed by the sheer beauty of the ferocious waves of the Indian Ocean.
Not far from this location there is a beautiful cave hole, underneath is the best spot to swim and float For. The water is clear blue and cold as well as many unique colorful fish that frolic on the rocks beautifully. Water entering the hollow cave is derived from a waterfall on a cliff facing the hollow cave
Goa perforated directly adjacent to the sea that has content results in seawater with normal salt content of 3.5%. This means that 1 liter (1000 mL) of sea water there are 35 grams of salt that can make the body floating on its surface. This beautiful beach location which interchangeable taken inside of a 2-hour ride with a fishing boat on the beach Eska Banjarsari village.

11. Pantai Linau (Linau Beach)

Linau Beach located in the village Linau, Kaur district bordering the province of Lampung, Bengkulu Selatan. The distance from the capital city of Bengkulu to this location approximately 250 kilometers. Linau Beach recently began many tourists came to bathing, snorkeling and sunbathing, because coral reefs are still quite original.

Linau Beach in the era of Dutch VOC trading is an ocean pier pretty busy. From this beach, the Dutch sent treasure plunder to Europe. Booty in the form of pepper, cloves, wood and other crops. Linau Beach strategic to the interests of the Netherlands when it built a fort Linau located on a hill north coast. The hill is equipped with several cannons. The fort is suspected as a natural tower to spy on the enemy arrival

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