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The Great 20 Beautiful Scenary from East Nusa Tenggara

East Nusa Tenggara (Indonesian: Nusa Tenggara Timur – NTT) is a province of Indonesia. It is located in the eastern part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and includes West Timor. It has a total area of 48,718.1 km2.
The province consists of about 566 islands, the largest and most dominant are Flores, Sumba, and the western part of Timor. The other is smaller islands include Adonara, Alor, Komodo, Lembata (formerly called Lomblen), Menipo, Raijua, Rincah, Rote Island (the southernmost island in Indonesia), Savu, Semau, and Solor. The highest point in the province is Mount Mutis in the South Central Timor Regency, 2,427 meters above sea level. This province is very famous for its natural beauty, are as follows :

1. Pulau Komodo (Komodo Island)
Komodo Island is an island located in the Nusa Tenggara Islands. Komodo Island is known as a habitat for native animals dragons. The island is also the Komodo National Park which is managed by the Central Government. Komodo island area is approximately 390 km2. Together Padar and Rinca island and 26 smaller islands, the area was used as Komodo Island National Park with a total area of 1,733 km² (603 km² is land). Komodo National Park is located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores in the Indonesian archipelago East. In administrativ included in the Regional District of Komodo, West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

2. Pantai Labuan Bajo (Beach in Labuan Bajo)
Labuan Bajo is a fishing town located at the western end of Flores in the Nusa Tenggara region of east Indonesia. Once a small fishing village, Labuan Bajo  in Flores is now a busy bustling center of tourism. It is the launching point for trips to Komodo Island and Rinca Island, home to the famous Komodo dragons. Nearby Kanawa and Seraya Islands are a great opportunity to do some diving and snorkeling and every evening at Kalong Island Thousands of flying fox bats put on an amazing display. The waters have a very clear beach.

3. Danau Weekuri (Weekuri Lake)
Danau Weekuri is a lake located about 60 km from the capital city of Southwest Sumba Regency, Tambolaka, Sumba. Unlike other lakes, the water in Lake Weekuri tastes salty because it comes directly from the sea. The sea water entered the sidelines of the reef cluster fortify the lake so as to form a large circle resembling a giant pool and overgrown with various kinds of plants waterfront.

4. Air Terjun Ogi (Ogi Waterfall)
Location  Ogi waterfall is located in Pepe, District Bajawa, Ngada within skitar 8 km from the city center Bajawa which is within about 30 minutes along the road that zigzagged sharply and steep.
Waterfall with a height of about 30 meters has a fairly heavy flow of water with a stunning cliff backdrop decorated with green trees on the right and left side. Debit swift  Ogi waterfall was once used by PLN as hydroelectricity. However, today the waterfall that falls just used to irrigate the fields in the vicinity.

5. Danau Kelimutu (Kelimutu Lake)
Kelimutu is a volcano lake, close to the small town of Moni in central Flores island in Indonesia. The volcano is around 50 km to the east of Ende, Indonesia, the capital of Ende regency in East Nusa Tenggara province.
The volcano contains three striking summit crater lakes of varying colors. Tiwu Bupu Ata (Lake of Old People) is usually blue and is the westernmost of the three lakes. The other two lakes, Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai (Lake of Young Men and Maidens) and Tiwu Ata Polo (Bewitched or Enchanted Lake) are separated by a shared crater wall and are typically green or red respectively. The lake colors vary on a periodic basis. Subaqueous fumaroles are the probable cause of active upwelling that Occurs at the two eastern lakes

6. Pantai Pulau Ndao (Beach in Ndao Island)
Ndao is a small island located in the waters west island of Rote. Has a length of 5.7 kilometers dab width of 1 kilometer and has a very beautiful beach. White sandy beaches and extends along 7 km like a story in a fairy tale
Administratively, this island including the District of Northwestern Rote, Rote Ndao regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Since 2011, Ndao island became independent districts with the name of the District Ndao Nuse, whose territory includes the island Ndao Nuse Island and Do'o uninhabited island.

7. Air Terjun Musurobe (Musurobe Waterfall)
Niagara Murusobe is the twin waterfalls with water two adjacent waterfall. Height of the waterfall is approximately 100 m. In the local language (Lio) Muru means plunge and sobe mean straight as bamboo beam.
This waterfall is accessible from two lines, namely daru village Feondari Wolofeo or from the village, the island of Flores. Each track is unique in trekkingnya track. Generally Feondari track more recommended because the distance is closer to 56 km from Gelora Samador. 

8. Desa Fatumnasi (Fatumnasi Village)
Village Fatumnasi: The roof of the island of Timor, serene and beautiful scenery immeasurably. Including the South Central Timor regency. The scenery of this area is reminiscent of the scenery in New Zealand.

9. Pulau Sabolon (Sabolon Island)
 Sabolon Island is located in Labuan Bajo, Flores, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara. To be able to reach the island Sabolon you can depart from Labuan, Labuan Island Sabolon is only about one hour away by boat. The island has an area of approximately 20 hectares with the contours of the land that make up the same hill as most islands in the territory of Labuan Bajo or Komodo National Park
Sabolon island famous for beautiful diving spots, including the shallow waters surrounding it, offer hundreds of different marine flora and fauna, such as coral reefs and fish Clown, even if lucky, tourists can find Pari fish that often appear in the waters around the island.

10. Pantai Pulau Kera (Kera Island Beach)
Monkey Island dealing directly with Kupang Bay. Precisely in the village Uiasa, District Sulamu, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara province. The island is included in the Natural Park of the Sea (TWAL) Kupang Bay. ,
Monkey Island is a small island. The extent of only about one square kilometer course. Sand beach on the island is white and a little red. Tosca green sea water and very clear. Refreshing course. Some palm trees and pine trees adorn the island. The beach on the island is quite flat and shallow. On this island, you can do activities diving, snorkeling or fishing.

11. Air Terjun Oehala (Oehala Waterfall)

The waterfall is located in the village of Oehala, about 13 km from the town SoE (10 km away from the main street plus 3 km entered into). Timor Tengah Selatan regency, Timor Island . There are at least seven major level falls, it does include some small saplings. The stairs-waterfalls provide a unique. The coldness of the water flowing waterfall and a truly beautiful view of the waterfall is in sharp contrast from the air the island of Timor is reputed to have hot air,

12. Pantai Boa (Boa Beach)
Boa beach is in the southern part of Rote Island, the southernmost island in Indonesia is almost the same characteristics with the island of Timor, many rocky soil. Boa beach is famous for its waves high and lure surfers. On the other side, there appears to be a small island, its name Ndana Island. Actually Ndana Island is the southernmost island in Indonesia, but the island was not inhabited. So that we know, yes southernmost island of Rote Island.

13. Taman Laut Selat Patar (Selat Patar Marine Park)

Selat Patar marine park is located between the island of Alor and Pantar Island. Marine parks that are here can be classified as a Marine Park and reputedly the most beautiful in the world's best after the Caribbean Islands. The specialty of Selat Pantar is having a lot of diving or diving point favorite because it has a panoramic view of the marine park beautiful and rare. Spot number recorded 26 points, including Half Moon Bay; Peter's Prize; Crocodile Rook; Cave Point; The Edge; Coral Clitts; Baeylon; The Arch; Fallt Line; The Patch; Nite Delht; Kal's Dream; The Ball; Trip Top; The Mlai Hall; No Man's Land; The Chatedral; School's Ut; and point dive Shark Close.

14. Pantai Oetune (Oetune Beach)
Oetune beach located in South Central Timor and located in the south Pullau Timor. From the city of Kupang takes approximately 2.5 hours journey through winding roads, up and down hills and valleys. This beach is unique because it has sand that is similar to the desert.

15. Kepulauan Alor (Alor Islands)
Alor Islands is an archipelago consisting of 20 islands in 17 districts. There are nine islands that have been inhabited, namely: Alor Island, Pulau Pantar, Pura Island, Tereweng Island, the island of Ternate, Kepa, Crocodile Island, Kangge Island and Turtle Island. 11 other islands are uninhabited, respectively Sikka Island, Pulau Kapas, Pulau Batang, Field Island, Deer Island, Goat Island, Island Watu Manu, Batu Bawa, Ille Rock Island, Island and Island Fish ruing Nubu.
Karl Muller in his book "East of Bali", mentions that Alor has a clean sea water, marine life is diverse, and there are points that can be enjoyed diving at night. He called Alor as a world-class marine park. The most beautiful marine park after the Caribbean
Under the sea around Alor at least there are more than 50 diving spots spread to the Pantar Island. Locations in Alor has been visited by many divers from various countries,

16. Desa Topobali (Topobali Village)

Tapobali village located in Lembata is part of the island cluster of Solor. Located not far from the eastern tip of Flores Island and is part of the East Nusa Tenggara province. Besides Lembata, around the island there are several other such mahsyur island archipelago Alor, Adonara, Solor and Flores certainly exotic. 

17. Pantai Mandorak (Mandorak Beach)
Mandorak beach located in the village of Pero Batang, Kodi subdistrict, district of Southwest Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. Within 42 Km from Tambolaka Sumba Barat Daya district capital, the road is paved and about 4 km road is still hardening towards the object. There is no public transportation to this beach so had to rent a vehicle when visiting this place. The beaches have clean white sand and lit up like pearls against a backdrop of high cliffs,

18. Gunung Inerie (Mount Inerie)
Mount Inerie is one of the attractions that are owned by the island of Flores. Gunnung is located in Ngada and is the dominant objects that adorn the horizon in the village of Bena. But the best spot to see the mountain from a distance in Aimere located in the southern city of Bajawa. From here we will see Mount Inerie as a pyramid with the side completely straight with a sharp peak. The volcano is still active and last erupted in 1970 with a height of 2245 meters. 

19. Pantai Lasiana (Lasiana Beach)
Lasiana Beach is Located In Kupang Coastline, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province (East Nusa Tenggara), This beach having sectional sloping beach. Area of Lasiana Beach is approximately 3.5 hectares. Several coconut and Lontar trees grow along the shoreline makes Lasiana become a separate nuance. 

20. Pantai Nemberala (Nemberala Beach)
The Nemberala Beach is located on the small island of Rote (1,214 sq. km.), in the Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia, just south west of Timor. This is the southern most region of Indonesia. Nemberala beach is the beach which is almost similar to Bali Kuta beach. on the beach there are white sand and the sea water is very clear, when the weather is sunny you can see the shadows cast Australia continent. beach with a length of 8 km is the center of the world's surfers conquer the waves on the beach magnitude rote island beaches, festivals are held every month september surfers national and international levels. To get to the beach nemberela takes 1.5 hours of Ba'a, Rote Ndao district capital, eastern Nusa Tenggara.

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