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Beautiful Scenary from South Sumatra

South Sumatra is one of the provinces in Indonesia, located in the southern part of Sumatra Island. This provincial capital in Palembang. Geographically, South Sumatra province bordering Jambi province in the north, the province of Kep. Bangka-Belitung in the east, in the southern province of Lampung and Bengkulu province in the west. The province is rich in natural resources, such as petroleum, natural gas and coal. Besides the provincial capital of South Sumatra, Palembang, has been famous since ancient Srivijaya kingdom as a center.

South Sumatra is rich with waterfalls and several other beautiful natural scenery,
some of which are as follows: :

1. Gunung Dempo (Mt. Dempo)
Mount Dempo (3159 masl) is located on the border of the province of South Sumatra and Bengkulu provinces precisely in the cold city of robusta coffee producer famous delicious, the City Pagaralam. Mount Dempo is located in the city Pagaralam, with the distance of land about 7 hours (296 km) from Palembang, South Sumatra provincial capital, to the southwest.
As the name implies, Pagaralam surrounded by Bukit Barisan mountain range and the highest is Mount Dempo. To reach the site, from the terminal Pagar Alam first chartered car / taxi majors Tea Factory PTPN VII.

2. Kawah Gunung Dempo (Mt. Dempo Crater)
The crater of Mount Dempo is located at an altitude of 3159 meters above sea level. The appeal of the crater of Mount Dempo is able to change color at certain times. The crater of Mount Dempo can change color to blue, white, or green. The color change in the crater of Mount Dempo is then, many people are very curious and eager to visit it.

3. Air Terjun Bedegung (Bedegung Waterfall)
Bedegung Waterfall located in South Sumatra, precisely in the Village Bedegung, District of Tanjung Agung, Muara Enim. Moving on from Muara Enim, you will spend 1.5 to 2 hours a distance of 56 kilometers (216 km southwest of the city of Palembang) to the flagship attraction of this South Sumatra. Through the trail in advance as the main access to arrive in Niagara Bedegung.Ketinggian Bedegung waterfall is 99 meters.

4.Pulau Kemaro (Kemaro Island)
Kemaro Island, a small island in the Musi River, located about 6 km from Ampera Bridge. Kemaro Island is located in the industrial area, which is between Sriwijaya Fertilizer Plant and Pertamina Plaju and Gerong River. Kemaro Island is about 40 km from the city of Palembang. Kemaro Island is a place of recreation headliner on the Musi River. In this place there is a Chinese temple (temple Hok Tjing Rio). Island Kemaro there are also Buddhist temples frequented by Buddhists to pray or visit the tomb. There are also often held events Cap Go Meh every Chinese New Year.

5. Danau Ranau (Ranau Lake)
Lake Ranau is the second largest lake on Sumatra after Lake Toba With an area of 125.9 km². The lake is located on the border of West Lampung Regency of Lampung province and Ogan Ogan Ulu South Sumatra province. The lake was created by the massive earthquake and volcanic eruption of the volcano makes a big basin.
Geographically Ranau lake topography is hilly valleys make it practical Ranau lake has cool weather. The lake is located at the southwestern tip of Palembang city with the distance of 325 km.

6. Bukit "Jempol" Selero (Selero Hill)
Serelo hill located about 20 km from the city Lahat. The locals call it the Mount Thumb (some call it a mountain forefinger), because the shape of the peak-like thumb / forefinger sticking up into the sky. When viewed from Muara Enim, the shape as viewed from the thumb while Lahat more like the forefinger . This hill is located in the west of Palembang with distance as far as 220 km. 

 7. Air Terjun Cughup Embun (Cughup Embun Waterfall)
Mount Dempo still have the natural land cover. There are many springs on the slopes of this region. This results in a source of rivers that very much. Morphology of the mountains makes even small streams can be a beautiful waterfall when the "free fall" from a height. From the survey conducted by the City Government, to date has recorded more than 50 waterfalls in the region Pagaralam.
This is one of them called the Cughup Embun where free waterfall in the cliffs as high as 80 meters, This waterfall is located in the west of the city of Palembang as far as 279 km.

8. Air Terjun Temam (Temam Waterfall)
Temam waterfall is located in the Village Air Temam Temam, District of South Lubuklinggau, Lubuklinggau, South Sumatra Province. The waterfall is not very high, less than 15 meters, but the width reaches 25 meters. This waterfall is located in the West of  Palembang with distance as far as 313 km.

9. Air Tejun Lawang Agung (Lawang Agung Waterfall)
Lawang Agung Waterfall is located in the village of Lawang Agung Lama, Muara Payang, Lahat, South Sumatra Province. Lawang Agung Waterfall is located in the River Linang Left, has a height of 40-50 m. This waterfall is located in the village of Lawang Agung Lama, Muara Payang, Lahat, South Sumatra Province. Within ± 17 Km of Pagar Alam to the northwest, or about 260 km southwest of Palembang.

10. Pulau Maspari (Maspari Island)
Maspari Island is a beautiful island located in the village of Mud River District of Tulung Selapan. From the city of Palembang to the east toward the District Tulung Selapan Ogan Ogan Ilir, South Sumatra province takes only about + 6 hours by road and water up to the island Maspari. Large rocks, white sand and blue sea water nan and scaly turtle nesting site is the main attraction of the island is located in the most eastern South Sumatra.

11. Curup Maung (Curup Maung Waterfall
Curup Maung is a waterfall located in the village of Rinduhati, District Gumay Ulu., La District, South Sumatra Province. Located about 25 km from the capital Lahat or 220 Km from Palembang. Curup Maung has a height of about 80 meters with a width that is almost equal to its height.
The natural landscape around the site Curup Maung is still very green and natural, became the main attraction of tourists visiting here. At tourist sites, tourists can swim, or just sitting on top of huge rocks while enjoying the stunning natural scenery and a refreshing cool air

12. Goa Putri (Putri Cave)
Goa Putri is one of cave that fairly well-known tourist destination in South Sumatra province. Goa Putri is located in the village of Padang Bindu, located 230 kilometers from Palembang, or 35 kilometers from Balfour, capital city of Ogan Ogan Ulu (OKU). It takes about 6 hours drive from the city of Palembang. With the details of the trip about 5 hours to Balfour and 1 hour towards Goa Putri.
South Sumatra Princess Cave has a pool where the water comes from the Semuhun River, which empties into the Ogan River. This cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites meet to form pillars of the unique and beautiful

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