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Beautiful Scenery from South East Sulawesi

Southeast Sulawesi Province is located in the southeastern peninsula of Sulawesi, is geographically located in the south of the equator and has a land area of 38 140 km² area (3.814 million ha) and aquatic (marine) of 110,000 sq km (11 million ha).
Southeast Sulawesi Province is located in the southeastern peninsula of Sulawesi, is geographically located in the south of the equator and has a land area of 38 140 km² area (3.814 million ha) and aquatic (marine) of 110,000 sq km (11 million ha). Southeast Sulawesi provincial capital Kendari, a town which is right on the bay Kendari. Sulawesi province has many beautiful landscapes that are as follows :

1.  Air Terjun Tamburano (Tamburano waterfall)
Tumburano waterfall is in the administrative area of the village of Tumburano Lansilowo, District of North Wawonii, Konawe archipelago. Tumburano is different from most attractions such as waterfall in Southeast Sulawesi Moramo. Waterfall tumburano has two levels of water terraces, the first terrace has patio peaks as high as 90 meters and was named tumburantama and second terrace 30 meters high and named tumburantina. Discharge of water from tumburano so overwhelming that as it hit the bottom of the river water creates a large vapor in the vicinity.
2.  Danau Towuti (Towuti Lake)
Towuti Lake is a lake located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Administratively, the lake is located in the district Towuti, Luwu Timur, Sulawesi Selatan.Kawasan Towuti Lake is part of the Nature Park Lake Towuti. Towuti lake has an area of more than 50,000 Ha is smaller than Lake Toba in North Sumatra, but lake 'Tectonics' in the province of South Sulawesi is listed as the deepest lake in South East Asia with a maximum depth of 203 m.
3.  Air Terjun Laguna (Laguna Waterfall)
This waterfall is located in Sorawolio, about 24 kilometers from Bau-Bau, Southeast Sulawesi and waterfalls even become the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia. This waterfall is located in the Village of New Works, District Sorawolio, Bau-Bau, Southeast Sulawesi Province.
4. Pulau Liwutongkidi (Liwutongkidi Island)
Liwutongkidi Island is one of the islands located in Buton. Island area of ​​approximately 1,000 square kilometers memilliki tropical climate with an average rainfall of 1,000 mm per year. Liwutongkidi Island by local governments Buton included as one of the integrated development BASILIKA (Batauga, Siompu, Liwutongkidi, and Kadatua). The aim is to develop a maritime tourist attraction (under the sea) in the district with a rich variety of the baharinya travel. Hopefully, by the BASILIKA region, the passion of wistawan to visit Buton increased. Although the island is not so great when compared with other islands in maritime Buton, the island is able to give a unique feel through the beauty of the beach and underwater charm. Coastline along the island is filled with stunning white sand and feel more beautiful when combined with sea waves were combing the sand. In addition, the natural wealth under the sea on the island is also interesting to visit. Diversity of coral reefs and marine biota in the symphony regularly chime panoramic beauty of the underwater world.
5.  Taman Nasional Wakatobi (Wakatobi National Park)
Wakatobi National Park is a marine national park in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. The name of Wakatobi is an acronym of the four play Tukangbesi Islands: Wangi-scented, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. This national park It consists of four larger islands: Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko, as well as many small islands such as Tokobao, North Lintea, South Lintea, Kampenaune, Hoga and Tolandono. The highest elevation is 274 meters (899 ft) on Wangi-Wangi, Followed by Lagole Hill (271m) on Tomia, Integrated Hill (222 m) on Binongko and Mount Sampuagiwolo (203 m) on Kadelupa. [1] The water depth varies , with the deepest parts reaching 1,044 meters (3,425 ft).
The Wakatobi National Park - the third Reviews largest marine park in Indonesia. Legendary underwater explorer and conservationist Jacques Cousteau is said to have called the Wakatobi islands - then known as the Tukangbesi islands: an "Underwater Nirwana". Now a national marine park covering the entire Waktobi District, it comprises 1.4 million hectares, of the which 900,000 hectares are decorated with different, colorful species of tropical coral reefs. For Wakatobi is Widely Recognized as having the highest number of reef and fish species in the world. The islands are Also famous as the Reviews largest barrier reef in Indonesia, second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This is the habitat of large and small fish species, the playground of dolphins, turtles and even whales. Wonderful Indonesia: Wakatobi National Marine Park The island group comprises 143 larger and smaller islands where only 7 are inhabited counting a total population of around 100,000, while the others Werner uninhabited. Most notable are the Bajo communities, the Seafaring nomads who Inhabit many of Indonesia's remote islands.

6. Pulau Kabaena (Kabaena Island)
Kabaena or Tokotua is one of the islands in the region Bombana, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Island with a land area of about 873 km². The island is included in the islands have beautiful natural pemandanagan, one of which is its coastal region

7.  Air Terjun Moramo (Moramo Waterfall)
Moramo waterfall is a multilevel waterfall (cascade) were wonderful with a height of about 100 meters. From that height, the water flows through the seven main levels. In addition to the seven main levels, there are also 60 small levels that also functions as a reservoir of water (such as water pools). Of the many pools, the only one that can be used for swimming, the pool is located on the second level of 7 main levels of the waterfall
Moramo Waterfall Located in Tanjung Peropa Forest Nature Reserve, in the village Sumber Sari, District Moramo, Konawe South, Southeast Sulawesi Province.

8. Danau Biru (Blue Lake)
Blue Lake is approximately 164 meters in diameter, taste the water is brackish and quite cold. maximum depth of only 7 meters, if you snorkling observe species of fish, the lake bottom can be seen clearly. Blue Lake is situated in the village. walasiho Wawo District of North Kolaka.
9. Danau Napabele (Napabele Lake)
Napabale Lake is a lake located in Muna, Sulawesi Tenggara, Indonesia. Located at the foot of the hill, connected to the sea through a natural tunnel. At low tide the visitors can pass through the tunnel. However, if the tide sea water was very dangerous for swimming because the sea water will rise to a height of half a meter above the natural tunnel. The Napabale lake located ± 15 km from the capital city of Raha Muna.
The tunnel is on this lake has a long spans of 30 m and width of 9 m. These tunnels connect them chunks of the lake with the high seas.
10. Air Terjun Kandawu Dawuna 
(Kandawu Dawuna waterfall)
Kandawu dawuna Waterfall located ocated in rural districts wakulli Kapontori Buton. Buton Island is an area with natural potential is amazing. Places have mentioned in the state Kertagama made by Prapanca MPU. The island has the potential asphalt Most serious in the world.

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