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The Great 20 Beautiful Scenary from West Nusa Tenggara

West Nusa Tenggara consists of two large islands of Lombok and Sumbawa and surrounded by 280 smaller islands. The total area of the Province ntb reach 49.312,19km2 consisting of land covering an area of 20153.15 km2  and marine waters covering an area of 29159.04 km2  with a long coastline of 2,333 km. The island of Sumbawa reached 15414.5 km2. West Nusa Tenggara province has a lot of natural beauty and are as follows:

Mount Rinjani or Gunung Rinjani is an active volcano in Indonesia on the island of Lombok. Rinjani volcano on the island of Lombok rises to 3,726 metres (12,224 ft), second in height among Indonesian volcanoes only to Sumatra's Kerinci volcano. Rinjani has a steep-sided conical profile when viewed from the east, but the western side of the compound volcano is truncated by the 6 x 8.5 km, oval-shaped Segara Anak caldera. The western half of the caldera contains a 230-metre-deep lake whose crescentic form results from growth of the post-caldera cone Barujari at the eastern end of the caldera. This mountain is part of the Mount Rinjani National Park which has an area of approximately 41,330 ha and will be proposed addition is to be 76,000 ha to the west and east. Administratively the mountain is located in the area of three districts: East Lombok, Central Lombok and West Lombok.

2. Air Terjun Sendang Gile (Sendang Gile Waterfall)
Sendang Gile Waterfall is a waterfall located in the village of Senaru, Bayan district, North Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara province. More precisely in the area of Senaru village, 2 kilometers from the village of Bayan. This attraction is located in the National Park of Mount Rinjani.
Waterfall elevation of 600 meters above sea level and has a height of approximately 31 meters from the river bed has two levels, the first level appear at the top of the cliff and fell to the bottom of the pond below, while the second level, where in the pool water slide down and forms a stream underneath.

3. Pantai Pink (Pink Beach)
Pink Beach on the island of Lombok is located in the village Sekaroh, Jerowaru sub-district, East Lombok district is an attractive tourist destination and deserves to be visited because of its uniqueness. This beach is one of seven beaches in the world that has a pink sand beach, and one of two beaches in Indonesia which has a pink sand beach.
The color pink on the sand grains are formed because the original white color of sand mixed with crushed coral pink. Bias sunlight and exposure to sea water to add more apparent the pink beach. The beach is so quiet and only has small waves so as to make travelers more comfortable when playing there. Pink Beach beauty also looks perfect with a stretch of hills around him. On the left side there is a hill with extensive grasslands, and from this hill Pink Beach scenery looks very beautiful. In addition, there are also exotic promontory on the right side with a gazebo that is provided on it.
It was hidden and distant from the city center makes this beach beauty awake. Infrastruktur make visitors must travel approximately 2 hours from the city of Mataram. There are no lodging facilities there.

4. Air Terjun Agal (Agal Waterfall)
Agal Waterfall  reaches a height of approximately 200 meters. Agal Waterfall is located in the village of Alas Marente District of Sumbawa regency, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara
This waterfall comes from Mount Agal which is one of the most beautiful mountain in Sumbawa district. Thump of water Terun down, could still be heard from far away, its height reaching 200 meters. The white water flowing from the river above the peak splitting form the two parts, very steep and vertical, crashed on rocks and flowing river in the valley, and those who see it will be amazed because of its extraordinary power.

5. Kaldera Gunung Tambora (Mt. Tambora Caldera)
Caldera of Mount Tambora has a diameter of 7 km and a depth of 1 km. Caldera formed by the massive eruption in 1815.
Before the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815 had reached a height of 4,200 meters above sea level (masl). Violent eruptions obliterating nearly half of his body. Now the legendary mountain leaving only a height of 2,751 meters above sea level. Large caldera created by the eruption also disastrous to mainland Europe.

6. Pantai Poto Jarum (Poto Jarum Beach)
 Poto jarum is mean tip needle, is a protected area on the island of Moyo. This area has a beach so beautiful with white sand. Its beach is perfect for a long snorkel or sunbathe. These Poto Jarum beach is a protected area so that there can not be a building. The beach is open to the public

7. Pulau Moyo (Moyo Island)
Moyo Island is located to the north of Sumbawa. Island with an area of 32044.86 hectares. The island was used as a Marine Nature Park with an area of 6,000 hectares
There are two alternatives, first : Road served mobiltTravel who will travel for +/- 6 hours with perinician: * Mataram - Port Khayangan = 2 hours * (Ship Ferri) Port Khayangan - Poto Tano (Sumbawa Barat) = 1-2 hours * Poto Tano - Sumbawa Besar = 2hours
Second :  Conta served an Airlines daily from Mataram, Sumbawa Besar by using the Fokker 50 and an Airlines that fly every Tuesday and Friday. Air travel takes 35 minutes.

Famous names of celebrities such as Lady Diana Spencer, Mick Jagger, and even the former Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar and world tennis player Maria Sharapova choosing a vacation on the island.

8. Danau Air Asin Satonda (Lake Brine at Satonda Island)
Satonda lake situated in the middle Satonda including Dompu regency, NTB. This lake has a unique because the water is salty as seawater. It is estimated that the lake water is salty because it is mixed with sea water in the lake overflowed and trapped when Mount Tambora erupted (similar to a lake Kakaban). This is possible because the distance Satonda with Mount Tambora is very close and as is known eruption of Tambora is a very powerful eruption that is likely to cause a tidal wave (tsunami) that is devastating as well.
Satonda lake width of about 2.5 km2 and unknown types of habitats that exist in this lake because it has never been done research.

9. Gili Trawangan (Trawangan Island)
There are few quality scuba diving operations on all the islands. While the island is busiest from May through August, the quieter off-season from January to April provides a better opportunity to enjoy the entire islet has to offer, The beaches of the Gilis are still powdery white, the water a beautiful clear blue and they are positioned perfectly for sunsets over Bali’s Mt Agung and sunrise over Lombok’s Mt Rinjani. Aside from the obvious lure of snorkelling and diving, sunbathing and bar-hopping, Gili Trawangan has a fair amount of distractions to keep visitors both amused and entertained throughout the course of their stay.

10. Gili Air (Air Island)
Gili Air is the nearest Gili to Lombok. It is also the most populated. There are few quality scuba diving operations on all the islands. While the island is busiest from May through August, the quieter off-season from January to April provides a better opportunity to enjoy the entire islet has to offer,

11. Pulau Kenawa (Kenawa Island)
Kenawa Island is one of about eight small islands located just close to the harbor crossing Poto Tano, western Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara.
Kenawa Island is a small island without residents having an area of approximately 15 hectares, stretching lowlands except a small hill in the middle with white sand beaches stretching along each side, and in the middle there is a meadow with tall reeds,

12. Pantai Senggigi (Senggigi Island)
Senggigi Beach is a famous tourist spot on the island of Lombok. It is on the west coast of the island of Lombok. Underwater scenery is very beautiful, and tourists can do a surface dive (snorkel) as much because the waves are not too big, in fact even you can see immediately shoals of fish that swim freely in the sea Senggigi. Towering coral reefs to the middle causing large waves breaking in the middle.

13. Pantai Lakey (Lakey Beach)
Lakey Beach is located in District Hu'u, Dompu Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. Waves at this beach has a direction sweep to the left instead of to the right as it generally. The advantages offered by the tourist beaches Lakey Beach actually can be seen in the center of Dompu, marked by a statue of people who were surfing.  Lakey Beach has four types of waves are touted by the peselancarnya, namely Lakey Peak, Cobble Stones, Lakey Pipe, and Periscope. Type of the most challenging and great for surfing is Lakey Peak presents a challenge because of the waves of the left and the right; on the left side of the form of a long tunnel, while on the right side in the form of rolls perfect waves for surfing.

14. Pantai Lawar (Lawar Beach)
Lawar beach located in the village Sekongkang, Taliwang, West Sumbawa. The fine sandy beaches, deserted, with calm waves is perfect for those who enjoy the hobby of diving underwater scenery with white sand and blue water. Line of cliffs that flank the beach and jungle trees that grow around this beach area adding a beautiful and cool air. 

15. Pantai Maluk (Maluk Beach)
The beach is located in the village Maluk, District Jereweh, West Sumbawa regency. From Maluk Beach, tourists can also see the beauty of the Gulf Maluk. Waves on the beach Maluk dubbed Super Suck because the waves towards the mainland divided by a promontory by the locals named Tanjung Ahmad. Any breach of these waves roll up to a height of over two meters, so the waves at the beach Maluk into the list of the best waves for surfers.

16. Pantai Nambung (Nambung Beach)
Nambung beach village located in the Hamlet Pengantap Buwun mas Sekotong Sub-District - West Lombok. Nambung coast nicknamed the "Cape Jagog" is filled with large rocks. Rows of these high rocks when swept by big waves coming from the east side of the south will form a cool natural scenery. The blow waves come to this rock would look like a Waterfall 

17. Taman Bawah Laut Pulau Moyo 
(Moyo Island undersea Park)
Moyo island surrounded by a variety of different types of coral reefs were very beautiful and will surely make you dive or snorkel stunned made. If lucky, when diving you can dive with stingrays and several types of tropical fish more fascinating.
Moyo island surrounded by a variety of different types of coral reefs were very beautiful and will surely make you dive or snorkel stunned made. If lucky, when diving you can dive with stingrays and several types of tropical fish more fascinating. Moyo Island is an island to the territory of Labuan Badas sub-district, Sumbawa regency has an area of about 330 square km

18. Pantai Malimbu (Malimbu Beach)
Malimbu Beach is a tourist beach on the island of Lombok, in the village of Malacca, District Winner, North Lombok. The distance is about 30 kilometers from the city of Mataram and can be reached by public transport or private vehicles.  

19. Hutan Sumbawa (Sumbawa Forest)
General overview of the forest area Sumbawa reaches 516,242.90 ha or about 48% of the total forest area in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Most of the forest area has been converted as a protected forest that is an area of 232,992.19 hectares. The forest area is scattered in several districts and one of them is Lanteh Batu sub-district. This region is one of the largest water sources in the district of Sumbawa. This is because the place is still covered by dense forest trees unspoiled. One area dikecamatan is very well known among the people of Sumbawa is Semongkat forest area. This is because it is situated not too far from the town of Sumbawa, very easy to reach with private or public transportation. The road to this place is still quite good and only about ± 17 km from the town of Sumbawa Besar

20. Pulau Dangar Kecil (Dangar Kecil Island)
Dangar Kecil Island is a beautiful island located in the Gulf region Saleh - Sumbawa, southeast of the island of Moyo. winsome island is not contained in the map / TravelMap commonly carried by the traveler even in any tourist guide book. Under blue sea water, beautiful coral reefs and fish nan agile as tempting. Dangar Kecil natural charm so complete, it lies on the lips of Saleh Bay makes this island as one of the amazing spot to watch the sun sink scenery and sunrises. 

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