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Beautiful Scenary from Jambi

Jambi Province is geographically located in the central part of Sumatra island, the north bordering the province of Riau, East of South China Sea in the Riau Islands province, south bordering the province of South Sumatra and the west bordering the province of West Sumatra. The total area of Jambi Province is an area of 53.435.72 km2 with an area of 50160.05 km2 land and water area 3.274.95 km2. Jambi province has a lot of natural beauty which are as follows 

1. Danau Gunung Tujuh (Gunung Tujuh Lake)
Gunung Tujuh Lake is a lake located in Kerinci regency, Jambi. precisely in the Village Pelompek, District Kayu Aro. The lake is located in the Seven Mountains, a mountain located right behind Mount Kerinci. Lake Gunung Tujuh still included in the Kerinci Seblat National Park. The extent of approximately 960 hectares, with a length of 4.5 kilometers and three kilometers wide. The lake elevation, about 1,950 meters above sea level.
There is also the seventh of the mountain is Mount Hulu Tebo, Mount Hulu Sangir, Madura Iron Mountain, Mount Lumut, Mount Basil, Mount Jar Bake, and Mount Gunung Tujuh. In some of these mountains are the source of water, which causes the water in the lake is not inexhaustible. This lake Located in the west of the city of Jambi at the distance of about 250 km and is close to the border province of West Sumatra

2. Pantai Cemara (Cemara Beach)
Cemara Beach is a brown sandy beach. This region has an area of 450 hectares. He became a habitat for water birds and shorebirds migrant transit area. The location is located adjacent to the National Park Berbak. The beach is a final point of interest shorebirds migrating from various beaches the world. This beach is located in District Sadu which is the outermost regions Jambi provincial, Indonesia and directly adjacent to the Riau Islands. As coastal areas, District Sadu structure-peat swamps. Natural coastal zone, complete with a variety of naturalness and its own peculiarities, makes this region would make a natural holiday destination for lovers of the outdoors.August to March, Pantai Cemara will be filled with birds of northeast Russia, China, Alaska and other northern hemisphere. The time span is the migration season for thousands of shore birds. This beach Located in the eastern city of Jambi with a distance of about 120 km

3. Air Terjun Sigerincing (Sigerincing Waterfall)
Sigerincing waterfall located in the village (hamlet) Tuo within approximately 75 kilometers from the district capital Merangin, Bangko, Jambi Province, tipped in Mount Masurai. Height of the waterfall is 62 m and the width of the waterfall reaches 3-4 m. The waterfall is also Located in the southwestern city of Jambi with a distance of about 170 km

4. Danau Kaco (Kaco Lake)
Kaco Lake is a lake located in Kerinci regency, Jambi. Precisely in Lempur Village, District Gunung Raya. The lake is located in the Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS) This lake has an area of about 90 square meters and has a depth that is not yet known. Lake Kaco can emit bright light in the night, the brighter the light beam at the time of the full moon night, or the night of 15 calendar Hijri. This lake Located in the west of the city of Jambi with a distance of about 391 km

5. Air Terjun Telun Berasap (Telun Berasap Waterfall)
Telun Berasap Falls is one of the many waterfalls found in Kerinci district. This waterfall has a height of approximately 50 meters. , Telun Berasap Falls are in Telun Berasap, Gunung Tujuh, Kerinci.
Telun Berasap Falls offers a beautiful natural panorama. Local communities provide Telun berasap because of the unique name of the waterfall is always shrouded in mist of water that seems to resemble the white smoke, as a result of the swift water that slammed into rocks and evaporated. There is a fairly extensive cave behind the waterfall. However, due to the swift  Telun Berasap waterfall make no people who scour the cave thoroughly. Telun Berasap Falls is located in the west of the city of Jambi with a distance of about 276 km

6. Danau Kerinci (Kerinci Lake)
Kerinci Lake is a lake located in the province of Jambi, Indonesia. Precisely in Kerinci district. The breadth is 4,200 hectares with an altitude of 783 meters above sea level. The lake is located in two regions of the Sub District  Keliling Danau and Sub-District Roving Danau Kerinci. Kerinci Lake is a volcanic lake has a depth of 110 meters. Kerinci Lake has a great influence in meeting the water needs in the area around kerinci both for agriculture and drinking water needs of society. The lake is located to the southwest of the city of Jambi with a distance of 216 km 

7.  Taman Nasional Berbak (Berbak National Park)
The Berbak National Park in Sumatra island, Jambi province of Indonesia, forms part of the Reviews largest undisturbed swamp forest in southeastern Asia, and the peat swamp forest with the greatest number of palm species. This national park has an area of Area: 1,627 km² and is located in the district. Tanjung Jabung, Tanjung Jabung, Located in the eastern city of Jambi with a distance of about 100 km the city of Jambi 

8. Perkebunan Teh Kayu Aro (Kayu Aro Tea Plantation)
Kayu Aro Tea Plantation initiated between 1925 and 1928 by the Dutch company, Namblodse Venotschaaf Handle Vereniging Amsterdam (NV HVA). This plantation has an area of 3,020 hectares of tea plantations in a single stretch. This plantation is located right at the foot of Mount Kerinci and the west of the city of Jambi with a distance of about 266 km. 

9. Taman Nasional Kerinci Seblat 
(Kerinci Seblat National Park)
Kerinci Seblat National Park is the Reviews largest national park in Sumatra island of Indonesia. It has a total area of 13.791 km2, and spans four provinces: West Sumatra, Jambi, Bengkulu and South Sumatra and is located in the west southwest city of Jambi. The park area includes a large part of the Barisan mountain range the which form the western spine of Sumatra island and includes the highest peak in Sumatra, Mount Kerinci (3.805 m), one of more than five active volcanoes in the national park. This mainly montane park includes hot springs, rivers with rapids, caves, scenic waterfalls and the highest caldera lake in Southeast Asia - Lake Gunung Tujuh while the Great Sumatran Fault runs through the national park making the area of great interest to geologists.

10. Goa Kasah (Kasah Cave)
Goa Kasah is a cave located in Kerinci Seblat National Park area with the closest distance from the village of Kayu Aro District Kersik Tuo ± 5 km. This cave is a habitat for several species of bats and birds.
In the cave there is a relief depicting, among others, the woman and an animal as well as a seat on the stone. The main dome-shaped room size 8 x 15 m with a height of 15 m. According to the observations of experts, this cave is an ancient human habitation in hundreds of years ago.
This cave
located  in west of the city of Jambi with a distance of about 275 km.

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