Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Beautiful Scenary from West Papua

West Papua is a province of Indonesia, located in the western part of New Guinea. The capital is Manokwari. The province has an area of 115,363.50 km2 consisting of the mainland and some islands. West Papua Province has many good natural landscape that are well known or not known by the public, some of which are as follows :
1. Pantai Kaimana (Kaimana Beach)
Kaimana beach, located on the southern coast of West Papua, has many hidden nautical beauty. This beach has white sand with the colors of the sea is composed of several colors according to its depth. The beauty of this area was used as the title song in the 60's by Alfian titled "Senja di Kaimana". Kaimana is located in the southern city of Manokwari

2. Kepulauan Raja Ampat (Raja Ampat Islands)
Raja Ampat Islands is a series of four adjacent islands located in the western part of the Bird's Head (Vogelkoop) Papua Island. Administratively, this cluster is under Raja Ampat, West Papua province. The islands are now a destination for divers who are interested in the beauty of the underwater scenery. Four islands that are members named by the four biggest islands, namely Waigeo Island, Misool Island, Salawati Island and  Batanta Island. The natural beauty here was incredible nice scenery on land or in the sea. This location can be accessed from the town of Sorong or west of the city of Manokwari

3. Pantai Pasir Putih, Fakfak (Pasir Putih Beach, Fakfak) 
This beach is located in the village of Pasir Putih, Central Fakfak sub-district, West Papua province, where the village is dominated by the attractive beaches. Fakfak is located on the city's southwest city of Manokwari.

4. Pantai Patawana, Fakfak (Patawana Beach, Fakfak)
Patawana beach located in the village of Kota, East Fakfak District, Regency of Fak Fak, West Papua province. This beach has a stretch of white sand beach with sea water clear blue. A row of palm trees also adorn the shoreline.Patawana beach does have the charm of the natural beauty that makes it one of the favorite attractions

5. Air Terjun Tagor (Tagor Waterfall)
Tagor Waterfall is located in the village Mambunibuni, Fakfak. There are still many who do not know the existence of this waterfall, so until now not known how high the water that falls from the cliff top. There are several roads that can be used in order to get to the waterfall, among others, by passing through the outskirts of the times or the former timber company, the road has now become bushes making it difficult to use a four-wheel vehicle. Distance to get to the waterfall Tagor if it passes the company approximately 27 km from Fakfak. But if we just walk the mileage we've been through would be quicker approximately 6 hours, if not used to walking on the stone then it will feel fatigue. 

6. Pantai Manokwari (Manokwari Beach)
The beach town of Manokwari is located in Manokwari, located in the northern part of the province of West Papua. Manokwari is the capital of the province of West Papua. Untu size of the beach in this coastal provincial capital relatively clean and has stunning water clarity.

7. Danau Ayamaru (Ayamaru Lake)
Ayamaru lake is one of the lakes contained in the province of West Papua. Ayamaru lake located in the District Ayamaru Maybrat district about 216 kilometers west of the city of Sorong. Lake area of 980 hectares stretches splitting Kampung Segior, Woman, Mefkajem, Kartapura, Mapura, Yukase, Karetubun and Kampung Jitmau and empties into the Kali Kais, Inanawatan District, South Sorong regency and partly into Bintuni Bay Regency.

8. Pantai Tanjung Kasuari (Tanjung Kasuari Beach)
Tanjung Kasuari beach is 30 miles from the city of Sorong. Pantai Tanjung Kasuari have white sand and clean. Sights beaches will be an oasis in the heat and the heat of the city of Sorong. When at the beach, we can lie beneath a grove of tall trees and green. White sand will be a pedestal us to lie down. The water is blue and clear, and the waves roaring will tempt us to swim.

9. Teluk Bintuni (Bintuni Bay)
Bintuni Bay is a bay overlooking the southern province of West Papua, located on the neck of the bird island of Papua. This area has a beach that juts into the mainland so that the waves were no longer great and the atmosphere tends to quiet beaches. In this area there are the other attractions of Mount Bald

10. Teluk Tripton, Kaimana (Tripton Bay Kaimana)
Triton Bay is a bay located in Kaimana district, West Papua, Indonesia. This area is known for its underwater beauty known as the underwater paradise and cultural heritage.
The experts that have managed to identify 937 species of marine fish and some of them are new species that can only be found in Kaimana. They also have found 492 different types of coral reefs and 16 of them are new types that are not found elsewhere in the world and are all in good health, they also found 27 Type lobsters, and 16 green turtles.

11. Air Terjun Maredred ( Maredred waterfall)
Maredred waterfall is located in the village of Sakartemin, District East Fakfak, Fakfak, West Papua Province The time required to reach the village of Capital Fakfak more or less can be taken up to forty-five minutes. While the long travel time to the location of the waterfall Maredred from Sakartemin village about two hours away by river flow down to the location to Niagara Maredred. During the trip you will enjoy views of the river flow along rock walls that flank. Moreover, Pala gardens and views of the tropical forests of Papua can be enjoyed with the sound of chirping birds that can accompany your trip. If you are lucky different kinds of birds you can meet like bird parrot, birds Kaka Tua and Bird of Paradise..Maredred has a height of about 30-40 meters

12. Batu Lubang (Natural Cave)
Batu Lubang is a natural attractions that exist in Merpati Beach,  Kampung Tarak,  Karas District,  Fakfak, West Papua Province. This region is still very well preserved. Sea water at a location about these attractions provide a reflected image of the seabed in the form of beautiful coral reefs, fish and other marine biota. For fans of diving and snorkeling, Batu Lubang is mandatory spot to visit. Stone pit is a large natural cave stalactites fenced in it. Surprisingly, around Batu Lubang water is quite shallow, but right in the middle of a very deep hole water until the water turns contrasting color from green to dark blue.

13. Pantai Yen Beba (Yen Beba Beach)

Yen Beba beach is a white sand beach that extends for 500 meters located in the district of Manokwari, West Papua province. Yen Beba beach is not so far from the island Mansinam where visitors can see the island Mansinam directly from the beach Yen Beba because the distance is the island quite close. Winds blowing with the cool, soft white sand and clear blue sea water with waves are not huge, making this beach is suitable for swimming and sightseeing. beach

14. Pantai Bakaro (Bakaro Beach)
Bakaro beach located in the North coast of Manokwari,West Papua province. This beach has a rocky coastline character so as to allow the tourists to approach the middle of the beach when the sea receded and witness the coast clear basis. Bakaro beach located next door to the Pasir Putih Beach uniqueness of this beach is located on the tradition of calling the fish. Calling the fish usually done by people who live around this coast to attract visitors. Usually they call a fish with a whistle made of conch shell is blown with food, so that by itself the fish came closer.


  1. Hey there,

    thanks for the nice input. I heard, that there is a street (4x4) from Nabire all the way to Kaimana. Is that true? Do you know anything about it?



  2. Hi Andreas
    I'm not sure there throughway between Nabire to Kaimana. Until now, the people there are still using regular flight and it takes about 30 minutes. Companies that serve typically is Wings Air with the number of flights three times a week