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The Great 20 Beautiful Scenary from Riau Islands

Kepulauan Riau is a province of Indonesia. Riau Islands province bordering Vietnam and Cambodia in the north; Malaysia and West Kalimantan province in the east; Bangka Belitung Islands province and Jambi provinces in the south; Singapore, Malaysia and Riau provinces in the west .. The total area of 252 601 km², about 95% is sea, and only about 5% of the land. which consists of 394 inhabited islands, while the other 1,401 are uninhabited. Riau Islands province has many beautiful natural scenery are as follows :

1. Pantai Lagoi Pulau Bintan (Lagoi Beach Bintan Island)
Lagoi Beach is in the district. North Bintan, Kab. Bintan, Riau Islands. This beach has a beautiful natural landscape and environmental conditions clean..with coconut trees neatly lined up along the shore. From the city of Tanjung Pinang to travel to locations typically takes about 1.5 hours  

2. Pantai Nongsa (Nongsa Beach)
Nongsa Beach is located in the northeast part of Batam Island, precisely in the District Nongsa, Batam, Riau Islands Province. Nongsa Beach, better known by the name of Nongsa Tua by people around the gorgeous beaches with calm waves and white sand. Interestingly, Nongsa Beach is very close to the southern coast of Singapore, even so close it only takes half an hour to use a motor boat to go to the south coast of Singapore. Due to its proximity, at night when it is in the Nongsa Beach, you can enjoy views of Singapore's city very beautifully decorated with lights.

3. Pantai Batu Berdaun (Batu Berdaun Beach)
Batu Berdaun Coast is located in the leafy village of stone-leaved within 8 Km from Dabo, Singkep. This beach stretching facing towards southeast have a grain of sand is fine and white and in tumbuhi variety of flora.
Name batu berdaun itself is given because this beach there is a stone overgrown with trees for fans Bonsai called saike, who knows how many years of age must have trees that grow on the rock, originally a tree that grows in the rock was the tree Leban beach, but now pine trees, the wind grew in the stone. That's probably why this beach called beach rock the rock contained leafy leaves or trees.

4. Pantai Selat Ransang (Selat Ransang Beach)
Selat Ransang beach is located between the Getah islandPenjaul IslandPenggending Island and  Luyung Island  contoured green hills, Position Selat Ransang in District Siantan East, Anambas Island, Riau Islands Province is as hidden as enclosed in small islands are hilly quite high. Anambas is an archipelago located in the South China Sea between East Malaysia and Kalimantan. 

5.  Pulau Penjalin (Penjalin Island)
Penjalin Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Anambas. Penjalin island located in District Palmatak has beautiful scenery, dozens of small islands and white sandy beaches. Large rocks at the seaside arranged very beautiful. Anambas Tropical Island, also known as the best in Asia. Anambas tourism potential lies in its islands which in total amounts to 283 islands. And Piugus Island and Penjalin Island is one of two of them.

6. Pantai Trikora (Trikora Beach)
Trikora beach is located east of Bintan island in the Riau islands, is a long stretch of white beach, scattered with picturesque huge boulders. Long stretches of white sand beach decorated with large rocks scattered on the outskirts of the sea. Reaching 25 kilometers of coastline, coupled in the breeze that blew thousands of coconut trees. There Goa Santa Maria across this beach. The cave was built, the Vietnamese refugees who were looking for a safe area because of the war in his country. Goa beautifully decorated large trees and foliage that hangs around the mouth of the cave.

7. Pantai Sisi (Sisi Beach)
Pantai Sisi is located on  Serasan island and Serasan is the name of an island in Natuna regency, Riau Islands. The island is divided into two districts, namely Serasan and Serasan East.
Pantai Sisi is a beach located on the island Sersaan, while dealing deengan South China Sea. Sisi is a stretch of sand that extends and tanpak exotic, Pantai Sisi itself only became one of the few beaches on the island that extends Serasan, there are still some beaches are directly related to the pantai Sisi, such as Pantai Tebung and Pantai Resak 

8. Pantai Mirota (Mirota Beach)
Mirota beach is located on Galang island, precisely located in the village of Cijantung, District Galang, Batam Riau Islands. The beach consists of sand white and shades of bluish high seas with several small islands. To get to the attractions Pantai Mirota you can use two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels via a bridge Barelang.
This beach is paradise tucked away in an industrial area.

9. Pantai Setokok (Setokok Beach)
Setokok beach is a beach in Batam that holds the beauty of satisfying those who can see it. Setokok beach is one part of the beauty of coastal tourism in Batam. Slowly but surely, the coastal road has been widened and smooth. We will easily reach this small beach. On the shore, the residents also built lodges to relax, but mostly lip truly gorgeous sandy. Small stones coloring beaches if a straight line is not more than 60 meters in length. But at the end of the beach we can find, or at least whether or not swimming in brackish water. The river that flows into the sea united freshwater flows into the vast sea

10. Pantai Padang Melang (Pedang Melang Beach)
Padang Melang beach is the beach which has the longest coastline in the province of Riau Islands. Stretch of sand in this beach resort include up to two regions, Sub Letung and Paddy Hill Village, District Jemaja, Jemaja Island, Anambas. Another charm of the coast of Padang Melang  is a shape has curved like a horseshoe landscape, decorated with thousands of coconut trees lined up neatly and towering pine trees that have large trunks and leafy. 

11. Pantai Sengiap (Sengiap Beach)
Sengiap beach is administratively located in the Northeast region Bunguran, Natuna Regency. Landscape glistening white beaches stretching from Tanjung Sujung to Pengadah village. The weather is very hot at the coast because there are no shade trees there. Distance from city Ranai Sengiap coast about 25 km and takes about 1 hour by ground vehicles. One of the uniqueness of this beach is, when you walk in menginjakan andan coastal beaches, the sand putihya sounds like the sound of a whisper.

12. Pulau Senua (Senua Island)
Senua island is the outer islands of Indonesia, the island is located in the district Ranai Natuna. When viewed from the physical, the shape of the island resembles Senoa pregnant woman lying on the sea. Therefore, the island is often called the Island Maternity by locals.
Senoa on the island, visitors will find turtles that roam freely on the beach. On this island there is also a swallow nest in a cave. Senoa island is an island that has the charm of natural beauty, in addition to this Senua island has a beach that has very clear water and pure white sand. 

13.  Kepulauan Bawah (Bawah Islands)
Bawah Islands are a group of islands located south tip of Anambas approximately 150 nautical miles East of Singapore. The main island covering an area of 66 hectares and is surrounded by four small islands and numerous smaller islands covering an area of 101 hectares in total. The islands are uninhabited and is about 30 miles away. This is a group of islands in the Riau Islands are claimed to be Asia's top five tropical

14. Pantai Batu Sindu (Batu Sindu Beach)
Batu Sindu beach is a place name that is located on the east coast city of Ranai, Natuna. There are rocks of various shapes and sizes. When viewed from the top of the tower is a beacon shaped expanse of rock as composed harmonious and very beautiful to the eye from a height. If viewed from the direction of the sea seen some giant rock piles and spread in several directions and there is also a cave on the sidelines of these rocks

15. Pantai Sahi (Sahi Beach)
Sahi beach known one beach that has a beautiful coastline in the district of Bunguran Northeast, Natuna district. The Beach is also famous for its position dealing with Sahi Island, a small rocky island within only a few hundred of the coastline. The small island covering an area of about 1 hectare with a height of about 40 meters. When the sea water was receding Sahi then a trip to the island can be done on foot. The uniqueness of the island Sahi this is because of its position close to the shoreline and beaches premises was absolutely pristine and very clean lautnyapun up suitable for you to snorkel

16.  Pulau Nongkat (Nongkat Island)
Nongkat Island is located in the district Palmatak, and is one of the smaller islands as part of Anambas located in the northeast of the city of Batam. This island has clean beaches and white sands become one of the favorite tourist spots during the holidays. Even this island have sea quite clear that the underwater beauty can be enjoyed through snorkeling or diving

17. Laguna Pulau Bawah (Bawah Island Lagoon)
Bawah Island Lagoon is one of the best in the world that is not inferior to Bora-Bora in Tahiti. Clusters of Bawah Island in Anambas consists of five islands, namely Bawah, Sanggah, Murbah, Swabs, and Elang. All of them uninhabited. The formation of the five islands that form the lagoon, call the Bawah Island Lagoon. The total area of the land is approximately 100 hectares.
The sea water in the lagoon is very clear. From above the water's surface, we can see clearly objects to the bottom of the lagoon, including reef fish. Bottom of the lagoon in the form of white sand with a distribution of coral reefs at some point. The largest island in the group, namely the Lower Island, coastal white sand.

18.  Pantai Melur (Melur Beach)
Melur Beach is located on the west side Galang Island, in Barelang, Tanjung Pinang or some 45 km south of the island of Batam. This beach has white sand along the coastal area, the existing trees on the coast are also increasingly adding exotic Melur beach. 

19. Pantai Morita (Morita Beach)
Mirota beach located in the village Sijantung and included in Galang Baru Island. If down the Barelang bridge is the bridge that connects the six islands of Batam Island, Tonton, Nipah Island, rempang, Pulau Galang Galang Baru Island Bridge then located in V Gate and is about 50 km from the island of Batam. when through the bridge then measuring the eye can see we will see a stretch of sea and island - a small island with a variety of visual forms.

20. Air Terjun Temburun (Temburun Waterfall)
Temburun waterfall  located on the Siantan island, Anambas Islands, located in the eastern part of the city Terempa. The waterfall can be reached from Terempa about 30 minutes by boat pompong. Baruk water comes from the river at a height of about 250 meters above sea level. This waterfall is very unique, shape stratified, as many as seven levels and lead to the Strait Peniting. At the mouth of the waterfall there is a mangrove ecosystem that consists mostly of mangrove (Rizophora), with a substrate lump

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