Thursday, March 24, 2016

Beautiful Scenery from West Sulawesi

West Sulawesi is a province of the division of the province of South Sulawesi on October 5, 2004. This is the Capital Mamuju. It covers an area of about 16,796.19 square kilometers. Geographically, this province is located in the golden triangle cross position of South Sulawesi, East Kalimantan and Central Sulawesi, as well as directly facing the national and international sailing Makassar Strait. The province has a lot of natural beauty which are as follows:

1. Air Terjun Tamasapi (Tamasapi Waterfall)
Waterfall Tamasapi is located in the hamlet Tamasapi, village Mamunyu, Mamuju Subdistrict, Mamuju, West Sulawesi province.  This waterfall has a height of 75 m. There are waterfalls around the rocks so that they can approach the waterfall.

2.  Pantai Dato (Dato Beach)
Dato beach is located in the hamlet Pangali, Village Baurung, District East Banggae, Majene, West Sulawesi. This beach has a unique addition to having beautiful tropical beach is also fairly unspoiled and properly maintained. Dato beach is divided into two parts, the fine white sandy beaches and coral beach repose. The existence contour rocky coast and juts into the sea. The beach is located approximately 7 km from the town of Majene

3.  Pulau Karampuang (Karampuang Island)
Karampuang island is forested Mamuju city. In addition, the island has also become one of the attractions in Mamuju. Karampuang island located in the District Simboro Islands, Mamuju, West Sulawesi province. Island area of approximately six square kilometers is known for the beauty of the sea. Underwater beauty such as coral reefs and other marine life is an attraction of this island. No need to dive to be able to see the beauty of it.

4. Tebing Paken (Paken Cliff)
Paken is the name of the area with exotic cliffs located in the district Kalumpang. Paken cliff located in Kalumpang, Mamuju, West Sulawesi. To go Paken we need to employ extra hard because they have conquered some of the hills and mountains as far as approximately 7 km. Paken have the form of the cliffs are very beautiful, if observed carefully, these cliffs like having a pattern of human facial features, its sides covered with shrubs and small trees to large.

5. Pantai Palippis (Palippis Beach)
Palippis beach located on the road axis West Sulawesi, precisely in the village of Bala, District Balanipa is about 20 Km from the capital city of Polewali Mandar. Palippis beach is located on the west side of the island of Sulawesi. Face to face with the ocean as a separator between the island of Borneo, Java, and Sulawesi. appeal besides the beauty of the beach and sea views. Another attraction like the bat cave and the expanse of the cliff. The bat cave is located on the hill that runs not far from the beach. Rows of the cliff is not so far from the mouth of the cave bat.

6. Air Terjun Liawan (Liawan Waterfall)
Liawan Waterfall located in the village tradition, District Sumarorong, Mamasa offers exotic beautiful natural scenery and beautiful. This Waterfall has a seven-level staircase steps. The total height of a seven-level waterfall reaches 350 meters. This waterfall is believed the local residents can beautify the face and treat various diseases.

7. Air Terjun Indo Rannuang (Indo Rannuang Waterfall)
Indo Rannuang waterfall located in the village Kunyi, District Anreapi, Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi province. This waterfall-shaped staircase and easy to explore until the top of the falls, of course, with extra caution due to slippery rocks. This tiered waterfall has a height varying between 10 to 40 meters, 

8.  Pantai Bone Tangngna (Bone Tangngna Beach) 
Bone Tangnga is a beach in the region of Mamuju commonly used traditional events such as a party of fishermen called Mappaande Sasi '. This event is held once a year in March. Mappaande Sasi 'comes from the local language which means giving offerings to the sea. The tradition as a form of gratitude to seafood that has been given as the dominant community of fishermen

9. Pantai Lombang-Lombang (Lombang Lombang Beach)
Lombang Lombang Beach is located within 30 kilometers from the city Mamuju. Lombang-Lombang on the beach you can walk along the fine black sand along approximately 5 km with an average width of 50 meters. On the waterfront can perform a variety of activities, ranging from sand play, playing volleyball, soccer, or just lounging. The beach was clean with not so big waves make this beach is also suitable for you who love swimming and snorkeling. 

10. Jati Gentungan (Jati Gentungan)
Jati Gentungan is a bluish clear streams surrounded by teak. This place is often used as a large bath, located in the village of Gentungan, District Kalukku, Mamuju, West Sulawesi province. Gentungan name comes from the baths are located while Jati name comes from the many surrounding teak trees