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The Great 20 Beautiful Scenary from Maluku

Maluku  is a province of Indonesia. It comprises the central and southern regions of the Maluku Islands. The main city and capital of Maluku province is Ambon on the small Ambon Island.

Maluku Province is an archipelago consisting of 559 islands and among the islands, there are several islands classified as big island. Mainland Maluku province can not be separated from the cluster of mountains and lakes located in almost all regencies/cities. Maluku province has outstanding natural beauty, and there was even a part of the island that has not had occupants. As for some of the beauty that can be found in Maluku are as follows :

1. Pulau Rhun (Rhun Island)
Pulau Rhun is one of the smallest islands of the Banda Islands, which are a part of Indonesia. It is about 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) long and less than 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) wide. Administratively, this island including the district. Banda, Kab. Central Maluku. Thr  beach around these island has a wonderfull clarity.

2. Pantai Pintu Kota (Pintu Kota Beach)
Coastal Pintu Kota is situated in the hamlet Airlouw, District Nusaniwe, Ambon, Maluku province. The distance is about 45 minutes drive from downtown Ambon. This beach has a view that is quite beautiful and the kind of rocky and stony beaches. On this beach there is a cliff that juts into the sea and are hollow. The hole is uniquely shaped like a gate. Cliff with a hole-shaped gate which is the icon of this beach. 

3. Pantai Jawalang (Jawalang Beach)
Jawalang beach is located east of the island of Kisar which is the alternative port to the shoreline cliffs flanked narrow elongated, beach Jawalang have sea water is very clear and has a charm containing adrenaline travelers. Kisar Island, Also known as Yotowawa, is a small island in the Southwestern Moluccas in Indonesia. It is one of the 92 Officially listed Outlying Islands of Indonesia.

4. Nusa Pombo (Pombo Island)
Pombo Island is geographically located in the middle of the island of Ambon Island and Haruku. Administratively the entire region into the Pombo Island Salahhutu subdistrict, Central Maluku regency. Pombo Island is one beautiful uninhabited islands in Ambon, Maluku province. Pombo comes from the Portuguese who have a sense of pigeons, so Pombo Island is also known as Pigeon Island.
Pombo Island is a habitat for birds endemic to Maluku is Pombo. If viewed geographically, the island is located in the middle of the island of Ambon and Haruku Island, but the island is administratively located in District Salahhutu, Central Maluku regency.

5. Pantai Ngurtafur (Ngurtafur Beach)
Ngurtafur beach located on the island Warbal, Southeast Maluku. This beach has a natural beauty that is quite exotic. Besides special again this beach has white sand and extends along two kilometers of the edge Warbal Island into the sea with a width of approximately seven meters. So as if there are two beaches on the right and left when you stand on this beach. Not only that, the sea water at this beach was also quite clear. Even coral reefs can be seen on beaches from the ship. So the beach is also ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

6. Pantai Ora (Ora Beach)
Ora beach in the village of Saleman, District of North Seram, Seram Island, Maluku Tengah. The charm of this beach is the life of marine life. Coral reefs or coral on the beach is diverse and colorful as well as fish. Because the water is so clear, coral and fish swimming can be viewed directly from the boat, it's amazing.  

7. Kepulauan Kei (Kei Islands)
Kei is the islands comprise the Maluku Tenggara (Southeast Maluku) Regency within the Maluku Province. The Kei islands are made up of numerous islands, Including Kai Besar or Nuhu Yuut or Nusteen (Great Kei), Kai Small or Nuhu Roa or Nuqsanat (Little Kei), Tanimbar Kei or Tnebar Evav, Kei Dulah or Du, Dulah Sea or Du Roa, Kuur, Taam, Tayandu Islands (Tahayad) groups. The Kei Islands' total land area is 1438 km² (555 sq mi). The archipelago has a very beautiful beach

8. Pantai Ngurbloat (Ngurbloat Beach)
The beach is also known Ngurbloat or Pantai Pasir Panjang Ngur Bloat. This beach stretches along 5 km with white sand as soft as flour, even Lonely Planet also stated that the sand at the beach Ngurbloat is the finest sand in the world. Ngurbloat Beach is approximately 20 km west of the city, in the village Ngilngof Tual, Kei Kecil island, Maluku Tenggara, Maluku Province. 

9. Danau Tihu (Tihu Lake)
Tihu Lake is the only lake on the island of Wetar. In Lake tihu we can see the life of wildlife habitat, generally crocodile. Long Lake tihu approximately 3.6 km2 and a width that varies as meander separated by six streams that lined the steep rock cliffs. The width of the riparian one another about 2-3 square meters, width even some have reached 2 km.
Wetar Island is also one of the 92 outermost islands which becomes the front porch of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). The island's distance to Dili, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste (Republica Democratica de Timor Leste), approximately 23 nautical miles. The island has natural resources of gold and copper

10. Danau Rana (Rana Lake)
Rana Lake is the largest lake in the province of Maluku and is located on the island of Buru. This attraction is located right dipedalaman Buru ± 63 km km and an altitude of 700 m above sea level with an area of 1100 hectares

11.  Pulau Saparua (Saparua Island)
Saparua Island is a small island once a district located in the region of Central Maluku, Maluku province, Indonesia. The island is also a named District of Saparua Sub-district, with its capital Saparua. Saparua island has an area of 207 km ². As Maluku archipelago in the other, the island also has a beach that is quite clear. The island is famous because it is also an island where an Indonesian national hero named Pattimura originated. Saparua island can be reached from the port city of Ambon Tulehu by boat speed boat with a distance of about 1 hour to the port of Haria, which is a port on Saparua 

12. Air Terjun Wasia (Wasia Waterfall)
Waisia waterfall is one of the natural attractions in the villages Rumahkay, district Kairatu East Seram Island in Maluku province. This waterfall is located 1 km from the village Rumahkay with a height of up to 75-80 meters.
The flow of the river water clean and clear as a source of water for drinking, bathing, washing and the other by the surrounding community. Waisia near the waterfall there is a tank near the waterfall Waisia with pipes that channeled towards community settlement.

13 Pulau Babar (Babar Island)
Babar island is the largest island in the archipelago Babar surrounded by five islands from Wetan, Dai, Dawera, Daweloor, and Masela islands with an area of about 314 sq mi (822 sq km). Babar Island rounded shape, with a diameter of about 20 miles (32 km) and mostly hilly, increasing to about 2,733 ft (833 m) in the middle of the island. Babar is one of Indonesia outermost region because of its location adjacent to Timor Leste.

14. Pulau Batugoyang (Batugoyang Island)
Batugoyang Island is the outermost islands in Maluku province, which borders with Australia are in the Village area Batugoyang, District Aru South, West Southeast Maluku district, Maluku. This island area reaching 0.006503 km2 with a circumference of the island 0.3295 km. There is no regular public transportation or connecting Batugoyang Island. characteristics of the land surface of the island with only grasses, vegetation such as shrubs, caused by soil formation processes that do not take place effectively. The island is actually a coral island that contains the soil is very minimal. View of the sea around the island is quite fantastic.

15. Pulau Kassa (Kassa Island)
Kassa Island is an island that is located in the province of Maluku, West Seram district, District spooky western Piru. The island is deserted islands that are uninhabited. The island is located in the District of West Seram-Piru, District of West Seram, Maluku province has an area of 900 hectares, if added with the area as a tourist park Sea the total size to 1,100 hectares. Natural Park (sea) Kassa Island is a representative type of coral reefs, coastal forests and mangroves in the Province. The island is surrounded by coral reefs, 

16. Pulau Wetar (Wetar Island)

Wetar island is the outer islands of Indonesia, located in the Banda Sea and the adjacent state of Timor Leste. Wetar is included government area of West Southeast Maluku district, Maluku province. The island is located in the north of the state of East Timor. The island is approximately 4 square kilometers. Geographical conditions of this hilly island with a forest in the middle. 

17. Gunung Api Wetar (Wetar Volcano)
Gunungapi Wetar is an isolated volcanic island to the north of Wetar island in the Banda Sea, Indonesia. The island, a stratovolcano, only extends 282 m above sea level, but the total height of the summit from the sea bed is over 5000 m. Explosions in 1512 and 1699 are the only historical eruptions of the volcano.

18. Pulau Selaru (Selaru Island)
Selaru Island is an island in Indonesia in the Tanimbar Islands group, Southeast Maluku. It is located south of Yamdena. It is one of the 92 Officially listed Outlying Islands of Indonesia. Selaru island rather flat and with much grassland. The group, the total area of the which is some 2,100 square miles (5.439 square kilometers), lies outside the zone of historic volcanic Selaru Island has underwater scenery is extraordinary, around the island there are many interesting coral reefs for diving. 

19. Pulau Bair (Bair Island)
Bair Island is one of the hidden islands that are not yet tereksplore by tourists. Bair Island presents a unique and distinct fascination with other small islands. Bair Island is in Tual, Southeast Maluku
Because Bair Island has two bays with berwarana green sea water is clear and calm the main attraction of Bair Island. Not only that in this island there are also mangrove vegetation and rock cliffs. This island is also a place of life of children - the pups kind Blacpit, with its clear water visitors can even see children - children free swimming sharks

20. Pulau Banda Neira (Banda Neira Island)
Banda Neira is one of the islands in the Banda Islands, Central Maluku. Banda Neira was once the world trade center nutmeg Not only traces the history of Banda Neira awesome, its waters also keeps the wealth of marine life is fascinating. Point dive in the waters of Banda Neira is a paradise for those who like diving activities. The surrounding area is also has a park named Banda Sea Marine Park 


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  1. Hi - nice photos!!
    Did you see any crocodiles on Wetar (Danau Tihu (Tihu Lake))?
    I'm interested in what species they are - analagous to the freshwater crocs in northern Australia (narrow snout) or descendants of stranded saltwater (estuarine) crocs.
    Best regards and I enjoy your photos immensely.