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Beautiful Scenary from Papua

Papua is a province of Indonesia located widest in the central part of New Guinea or the most eastern part of West New Guinea (Irian Jaya). The eastern parts of the country Papua New Guinea or East New Guinea. Papua island has an area of about 421,981 km2, the island of Papua is located at the eastern end of the Indonesian territory, with the potential of natural resources and strategic economic value, and has pushed the nation - foreign nation to master the islands Papua.Kabupaten Puncak Jaya is the highest town on the island of Papua , while the lowest town is the town of Merauke.
Papua province has many beautiful natural scenery and some of them are as follows:

1. Danau Sentani (Sentani Lake)
Sentani Lake is a lake located in Papua, Indonesia. Lake Sentani is under slopes of the Cyclops Mountains Nature Reserve has an area of approximately 245,000 hectares. This lake lies between the city of Jayapura and Jayapura regency, Papua. Lake Sentani which has an area of approximately 9,360 hectares and is located at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level. Lake Sentani is the largest lake in Papua with a maximum length of 28 km (17 miles) and from north to south, 19 kilometres (12 mi) of breadth. With a surface area of 104 square kilometres (40 sq mi), In this lake also there are 21 small islands adorn this beautiful lake. Lake Sentani rich variety of marine life and is already used for freshwater fish farming. Lake Sentani is also used as a tourist location for swimming, boating, diving, fishing, water skiing and culinary tours.

2.  Pantai Bosnik (bosnik Beach)
Segara Indah Beach better known by the name Bosnik beach is located in the eastern side of the Biak island, in the village Woniki, East Biak, Biak Numfor, Papua Province. The white sandy beach is a famous tourist spot and visited by residents and visitors Biak itself.
No wonder if the beach is visited because besides scenery beautiful beaches, the beach there is also a beautiful coral reef to behold. You can swim, snorkel or just soaking up the sun on this beach.

3. Taman Nasional Wasur (Wasur National Park)
Wasur National Park is representative of the most extensive wetlands in Papua / Irian Jaya, which is located not far from the town of Merauke. This national park has an area of 4.138 km² (413 800 hectares). This national park region has most extensive wet savanna forests in Indonesia and even Asia are rich with various types of rare flora and fauna and is a haven of Junai that migrant birds from northern Australia. In addition a number of rivers that encircle the park area mrupakan a breeding ground for the type of snapper and arowana. In this garden thrives various types of mangrove trees (mangrove), bamboo and sago

4. Danau Paniai (Paniai Lake)
Paniai Lake is a lake located in the district of Paniai, Papua or administratively located in the district of East Paniai. Spacious Lake Paniai which reached 14,500 hectares gives enough space for tourists to choose a location that is in accordance with his wishes when outing to the lake. The presence of rocks and sand at the edge of the lake, and surrounded by cliffs are quite high, adds to the appeal flagship attraction Paniai this. As most of the topography Paniai which is in the mountains and hills that cool temperate, Lake Paniai was located at high altitude, which is about 1,700 meters above sea level (asl).

5. Pucak Jaya (Cartenz Pyramid)
Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid (4,884 m) is the highest summit of Mount Carstensz  in the Sudirman Range of the western central highlands of Papua Province, Indonesia (within Puncak Jaya Regency). Other summits are East Carstensz Peak (4,808 m), Sumantri (4,870 m) and Ngga Pulu (4,863 m). At 4,884 metres (16,024 ft) above sea level, Puncak Jaya is the highest mountain in Indonesia.
While Puncak Jaya’s peak is free of glaciers, there are several on its slopes, including the Carstensz Glacier, the Meren Glacier, and Northwall Firn. Being equatorial, there is little variation in the mean temperature during the year (around 0.5°C) and the glaciers fluctuate on seasonal basis only slightly.    

6. Telaga Sarawandori (sarawandori Lake)
Sarawandori lake is a lake located in Serui, Yappen Islands, Papua. This lake is a connection from the bay Sarawandori. Nearby residents call this lake because they think the water in the lake comes from under the ground instead of the ocean. This lake is very beautiful with colorful water. 

7. Pulau Nutabari (Nutabari Island)
Nutabari Island is an island of white sand locked in Cendrawasih Bay National Park. Nabire reached from the city for about two hours by high-speed seedboat. In addition to a gently sloping beach, clear water, silent and still, there was nothing on this island. 

8. Sungai Mamberamo (Mamberamo River)
Mamberamo River is a river located in the south of the Foja Mountains, Sarmi, Papua Province .. Mamberamo river has a length of about 670 late km. Tens of kilometers along the estuary, river basin extends to the 520-meter. Landscape around this river varies. In areas such as steep mountains upstream, downstream areas are terrain is swampy, and in the central part of the basin in the form of broad plateau 

9. Pulau Numfor (Numfor Island)
Numfor is an island located on the north island of New Guinea. Administratively, numfor including Noemfoor Biak regency. The island is located in the north of Papua. Located in Paradise Bay within fifty kilometers west of Biak and Supiori and 70 km east of the port city of Manokwari. This island is almost oval shape and has an area of 335 square kilometers. At some point, the island has a fairly clear sea

10. Pantai Wari (Wari Beach)
Wari in the northern coast of Biak. Here you will be spoiled with sea water shades of blue, Tosca, blue. to dark blue. Beaches in Wari area has a white sand area not terlaluluas with the roar of the waves are not too tight is not always quiet. Unique, limited only pile of white sand, lies the freshwater of the river bank which is not far from the beach

11. Pantai Harlem (Harlem Beach)
Harlem beach is a beach located in the village of Tablanusu in Depapre District, Jayapura regency, Papua. This beach is one of the main of the many beaches that lie in around the village. Nonetheless Harlem Beach may have positions slightly recessed and has a marvelous white sand beach,. The beauty of the beach Harlem are not yet spread widely

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